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Trinity Cyber expands into Australia, partners with CyberCX

Trinity Cyber has expanded into Australia to meet growing international demand and has announced a strategic partnership with CyberCX. 

Trinity Cyber has opened an Australian subsidiary and has begun deploying its private cloud infrastructure at Australia's most significant Internet peering points. 

Moreover, Its new strategic partnership with CyberCX, the cyber security services company in Australia and New Zealand, is designed to bring Trinity Cyber's active defence capabilities to the Australian and New Zealand markets. 

Trinity Cyber Founder and CEO Steve Ryan and Trinity Cyber President Thomas P. Bossert are touring Australia this month, attending the Australian Cyber Conference in Melbourne, having meetings in Sydney and Canberra, and formally opening the company's Australian offices in Canberra. 

Trinity Cyber's expansion into Australia comes when malicious cyber incidents are on the rise, and the threat of potential attacks stemming from increased geopolitical tensions poses a severe threat to the region. 

Thomas P. Bossert, President of Trinity Cyber, says: "Australia is a major target of China in the Indo-Pacific region."

"The Australian people and government are clear-eyed about the threat and resolved to take decisive action. There is no better country than Australia to begin our international expansion, as the risk and threat imposed by China's cyber operations grows and the need for active defence capabilities increases." 

"Trinity Cyber technologies and services take an entirely new and more effective approach. We look forward to delivering our capability to the Australian market and protecting its people and businesses," says Bossert. 

To support growing market demand for its cybersecurity technology and services, the company has established a wholly owned subsidiary, Trinity Cyber Australia, with headquarters in Canberra, and deployed private cloud capacity in CDC data centres. Through these local operations, enterprises across Australia will soon gain access to the company's line of services.

Trinity Cyber invented and operates the first inline, complete content, full session Internet traffic inspection and real-time mitigation capability. It exposes threats in context, mitigates them in line and real-time, and defeats attacker tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs). 

The capability is fully managed, enabling customers to improve security overnight without adding expense or resources. Trinity Cyber's capability reduces risk, reduces incident response workloads, and decreases false positives.

Moreover, Through this new partnership with CyberCX, the companies will work together to offer Trinity Cyber's technology to regional organisations. 

John Paitaridis, CEO of CyberCX, says: "As the threat landscape continues to evolve at a global scale, it is critical that we innovate and launch new capabilities in critical technologies and defence." 

"CyberCX is proud to partner with Trinity Cyber as a collaboration partner between cyber industry leaders in the United States, Australia and New Zealand to protect and defend our communities from threat actors. Active defence is the future."  

Steve Ryan, Founder and CEO of Trinity Cyber, says: "Australia is facing a growing international cybersecurity challenge and is a global leader in adopting new and innovative technologies."

"Trinity Cyber has succeeded in disrupting the market with a first-of-its-kind technology. We see tremendous opportunity in Australia and strong demand globally as organisations seek better, more active methods to defeat cyber threats. We are excited to embark on our first of many global expansions in Australia." 

"Entering the market with CyberCX is a great privilege. There is no more important cybersecurity company in the Australian and New Zealand markets," says Ryan. 

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