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Claroty launches healthcare cyber threat detection module in Australia
Thu, 14th Mar 2024

Cybersecurity vendor Claroty announced at the annual HIMSS24 conference the launch of a breakthrough threat detection module within its Medigate platform. This new addition aims to enhance cybersecurity standards in healthcare organisations across Australia.

The new Advanced Anomaly Threat Detection (ATD) Module provides healthcare institutions with the crucial context needed to effectively identify, evaluate, and prioritise threats to connected medical devices, IoT, and building management systems (BMS). Such systems are integral to maintaining hospital operations.

With the increasing reliance on connectivity in healthcare environments, cyberattacks targeting the healthcare sector are also seeing a surge. These attacks pose a risk to the functioning of medical devices and BMS. According to Claroty’s 2023 Global Healthcare Cybersecurity Study, a substantial 78% of healthcare organisations reported encountering at least one cybersecurity incident in the past year. More concerning is that 60% of these incidents had a moderate to severe impact on patient care delivery.

The advanced ATD Module combines Claroty’s specialised understanding of healthcare environments with its expertise in cyber-physical systems (CPS) protection. As part of the benefits, healthcare organisations will have access to agentless, clinically-aware threat detection, reinforcing their ability to address known indicators of compromises in CPS. Additionally, it enables deeper-level threat detection of the clinical network beyond areas shielded by firewall solutions and also facilitates constant monitoring of device communication and compliance controls.

Grant Geyer, Chief Product Officer at Claroty, said, "Healthcare Delivery Organisations have been facing an uphill battle for years, with the threat of the next ransomware attack always looming. Cyberattacks against clinical devices and OT assets in HDOs have real-world consequences to providing patient care. The capabilities offered within the Advanced ATD Module help healthcare organisations take a critical step towards achieving full visibility, with in-depth understanding and transparent view of the greatest threats against them. When clinical workflows and patient care are involved, there is no room for blind spots."

The features of Claroty's Advanced ATD Module will empower healthcare organisations to strengthen their cybersecurity postures. Some of the features to note involve signature-based detection utilising known signs and indicators of compromise (IoCs) for analysis and response, the monitoring of device communication patterns to identify abnormal behaviour and traffic, and device change alerts for significant modifications requiring further examination.

The release of this breakthrough ATD module coincides with fresh research from Claroty's award-winning research division, Team82. The research highlighted pressing gaps in the security of medical devices within healthcare organisations. This information forms part of the inaugural edition of The State of CPS Security Report: Healthcare 2023 by Claroty.