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Trend Micro launches new protection deployment model
Tue, 6th Dec 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Trend Micro Incorporated, a global cybersecurity specialist, has announced a new protection deployment model, Trend Micro Cloud Sentry, designed to deliver value to both security and development teams.

Trend Micro, through its solutions, aims to identify threats in minutes, and deliver security findings with no performance impact and without removing data from the customer environment.

On the latest announcement, Philip Bues, Research Manager Cloud Security at IDC, says, "Trend Micro is the largest player in the cloud workload security market.

"Security teams are struggling to keep up with the rapid pace of development as business-critical cloud infrastructure and applications are deployed across complex hybrid cloud environments. Not only do organisations need visibility, but they also need real ways to address threats and reduce risk. Trend Micro delivers that with Cloud Sentry."

According to Trend Micro, this new offering is in direct response to security teams sharing how they often battle to keep pace with the speed of application change in public cloud environments. Developers deploy new and updated application resources rapidly, and security controls need to be effectively deployed for all resources.

Jason Cradit, CIO/CTO, Summit Carbon Solutions says, "Working with Trend Micro allows us to protect data at scale with no servers to manage while keeping all our data inside our account.

"Bringing additional security controls and resource types into this style of security is a game changer for us across hundreds of distributed teams."

With the new protection model, organisations gain context-rich insights across legacy and native cloud workload environments with one click, freeing up security teams to focus on more critical issues, the company states.

This innovation, named Trend Micro Cloud Sentry, lets security teams manage a single deployment per AWS account regardless of how resources are deployed or updated.

Nilesh Jain, VP for Southeast Asia and India, Trend Micro, comments, "Trend Micro's latest innovation, Cloud Sentry, offers an all-in one tool with the capabilities to support organisations in Asia in their cloud journey. This spans from inspecting their data locally to helping them meet data sovereignty and compliance requirements."

Kevin Simzer, COO, Trend Micro says, "Changing the game for cloud security is simply a byproduct of working so closely with our customers through their cloud transformation journeys, which pushes our continued product innovation.

"Visibility decreases and friction increases as businesses adopt new cloud technologies. Customers asked us to level the playing field, so we've provided a visibility solution that doesn't impact production."

Additionally, security teams are better enabled to work seamlessly with developer teams using risk management and threat intelligence data to inform security priorities and explain the need for changes.