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TCG & OST2 launch TPM security training for software developers
Fri, 15th Mar 2024

The Trusted Computing Group (TCG) has partnered with OpenSecurityTraining2 (OST2) to provide a new technical security training programme for software developers and students, marking the 25th anniversary of the first Trusted Platform Module (TPM) specification. The aim is to develop the skills needed to effectively implement TPM, a secure cryptographic processor embedded in over two billion devices globally, to boost device security.

The collaboration is intended to combat the current shortage of cybersecurity experts. It introduces a comprehensive programme full of step-by-step exercises designed to give individuals a practical understanding of the technology. Trusted Computing 1101: Introductory TPM Usage (TC1101) course follows a hands-on, lab-driven approach and does not require any prior experience with TPMs.

In discussing the programme, Joe Pennisi, President of TCG, stated, "As we mark the 25th anniversary of our first TPM specification, and in an age where cybersecurity experts are in short supply, we are delighted to be working with OST2 to develop an exciting new training curriculum. TPMs are key to giving devices robust hardware-based protection rather than just software security and are a cornerstone of trusted computing."

Participants in the training will explore how to utilise TPM technology to enhance software and hardware security. They will learn how to secure cryptographic operations to address vulnerabilities effectively and boost the safety of cryptographic keys.

Xeno Kovah, the Founder of OST2, emphasised their commitment to enhancing cybersecurity. They believe widespread adoption of hardware-backed security technologies like the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is essential for establishing trust in computing systems. Kovah said, "OST2 cares deeply about improving the state of cybersecurity. Increasing the adoption of hardware-backed security like the TPM is key to having trustworthy computing systems. We are excited to work with the TCG on the creation of free classes to teach thousands of new developers and security engineers how to interact with and utilise TPMs."

The course also promotes participation in the Users Group. Here, developers can gain further insights into TPM utilisation and have an opportunity to apply their new skills to enhance existing software security using the TPM.

Dimi Tomov, the Founder of and the TC1101 instructor, concluded, "The implementation of TPM security requires a vast set of skills, often taking several months or even years of training. However, our new course greatly reduces the time and expense associated with TPM adoption, which will help develop security skillsets and increase the security of devices worldwide."