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Prophecy International & Devo Technology in key cybersecurity pact
Wed, 24th Jan 2024

Prophecy International, a global software solutions provider, and Devo Technology, a security data analytics firm, have entered into a key strategic partnership. Under this agreement, Devo will commence the utilisation of Snare, a cybersecurity solution provided by Prophecy International's subsidiary, as its new endpoint agent. The move is aimed at improving data coverage and visibility across Devo's Security Data Platform and will impact new and existing customers.

The primary objective of this partnership is to enhance the customer experience by accelerating threat detection and response and, in turn, bolstering cybersecurity postures. This collaboration was spurred by Devo's desire to provide its customers with an adaptable and trustworthy solution to keep pace with the continually evolving landscape of security threats. Snare's technical superiority in terms of scalability and reliability, coupled with its shown flexibility and integration capabilities, made it the preferred choice for boosting Devo's service offerings.

Prophecy International's alliance with Devo broadens Devo's capacity to deal with a diverse range of data types, which are vital for global security capabilities enhancement. Consequently, Devo's customers will benefit from a faster approach to threat detection and analysis, resulting in quicker responses and more in-depth insights. Prophecy International also benefits from this partnership as it marks the beginning of its ability to offer Snare at ingestion-based pricing, creating the potential for more partnerships with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and managed security service providers (MSSPs). Both firms share a common vision to expand market reach and offerings, bolster market presence, and deliver unique, customer-focused cybersecurity services.

Warren Alexander, Director of Partner Alliances for Snare at Prophecy International, acknowledged the complex challenges that enterprises face in managing cybersecurity in today's threat environment. He stated, "We are focused on strengthening and growing partnerships through the channel, ensuring a collaborative and effective approach to addressing cybersecurity challenges. Integrating Snare with the Devo Security Data Platform expands our capabilities, introducing a more sophisticated approach to threat detection and response. This strategic move demonstrates our dedication to providing a tailored solution that meets the real-world needs of our clients, leveraging Snare's unparalleled data collection capabilities alongside Devo's scalability and analytical power."

Sergio Bellido, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Devo, also echoed the enthusiasm for the partnership, saying, "Integrating Snare into the Devo Security Data Platform is a significant step in enhancing our customers' ability to have full visibility into all their endpoint data, which is a critical component to keeping organisations secure. We're particularly excited about the possibilities this opens regarding advanced threat detection and streamlined incident analysis, giving clients access to cutting-edge security tools tailored to their operational needs."