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Forescout launches new updates to aid in defending the Enterprise of Things

Forescout has added new capabilities and platform updates in order to extend the active defence for the modern enterprise.

The updates focus on updating the security measures of the Enterprise of Things (EoT) by identifying, segmenting and enforcing compliance of every connected thing.

According to the company, the latest innovations are focused on accelerating zero trust adoption, enabling IT-OT convergence, reducing threat exposure and containing breach impact.

Available now, the updated platform helps accelerate zero trust implementation across modern enterprise environments without disruption through Forescout eyeSegment.

This solution is designed to aid enterprise segmentation via new integrations with Forescout eyeInspect, formerly called SilentDefense, and Medigate, a medical device security and asset management solution.

Forescout announced its partnership with Medigate earlier this year to help healthcare organisations identify, monitor and secure every medical device on the clinical network.

The new integrations let organisations reduce attack surface, maintain compliance and minimise breach impact across IT, Internet of Things (IoT), healthcare and OT environments, the company states.

Continuous monitoring of segmentation hygiene provides understanding of new risks due to the expanded interconnectivity between traditional IT, cyber-physical and clinical technology domains, Forescout states.

Forescout eyeInspect delivers new innovation in OT and ICS protection to drive increased business value by consolidating security analyst tools, correlating alerts and automating compliance tasks, the company states.

Available later this year, a new purpose-built user interface streamlines network monitoring, threat alerting and risk mitigation workflows for security operations (SOC) teams.

Non-disruptive segmentation within the OT network stack enables isolation of vulnerable or legacy systems, while limiting the blast radius of security exposures and ICS threats.

Forescout is also offering enhanced segmentation enforcement capabilities for organisations embracing IT-OT convergence via the company’s eyeExtend modules.

This enables IT and OT security analysts to collaborate on risk mitigation and to prevent threats from crossing across IT and OT domains.

Customers can leverage the latest release of eyeExtend for Palo Alto Networks NGFW to integrate with Panorama network security management and VM-Series virtual firewalls, as well as use App-ID support and improved tagging for granular policy enforcement.

Forescout Technologies CEO and president Michael DeCesare says, “The modern enterprise is an Enterprise of Things. As organisations benefit from increased connectivity, they have a unique challenge of securing a complex network of desktops, laptops, servers, mobile devices, OT systems along with a rapidly expanding IoT ecosystem.

“Forescout is setting the gold standard for securing the Enterprise of Things and giving our customers the ability to isolate, automate control and take action across any asset, anywhere, anytime to mitigate risk and operate fearlessly, without worrying about keeping critical assets online.”

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