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CybeReady debuts QR code 'Quishing' simulation tool for 2024
Thu, 18th Jan 2024

As 2024 unfolds, CybeReady, the security awareness training company, has unveiled the latest addition to its Phishing Simulations and Training solution.

The company has integrated advanced QR Code Phishing Simulations into its platform, a decisive move developed in response to the upswing in QR code-based phishing attacks, also known as 'Quishing'.

Quishing is a deceptive technique where an individual is duped into scanning a QR code using their mobile device. This action launches a webpage, leading the unsuspecting victim to a bogus site that frequently downloads malware or collects private data.

Cyber criminals, masquerading as a reliable entity like a financial institution or a known e-commerce platform, often resort to creating a situation of urgency, compelling the targeted individual to react promptly. This emerging cyber threat has caused organisations like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to issue warnings to consumers about potential QR code scams delivered via emails, text messages, or even through signage and direct mail.

CybeReady's innovative QR Code Phishing Simulator replicates genuine phishing scenarios that utilise QR codes. Rather than fall into a cyber trap, these simulated QR codes, once scanned by employees, divert them to an instructive webpage.

This page offers valuable insights about the hallmarks of QR code phishing, thereby escalating their understanding and proficiency in recognising and thwarting such assaults.

Key capabilities of CybeReady's QR Phishing Simulation Feature include creating realistic QR code scenarios, delivering immediate education and feedback upon scanning, automatic blend into present and future learning cycles without manual setup.

It also offers the utility to modify the QR code content and landing pages to comply with precise organisational requisites as well as track and analyse employee engagement and progress with the simulations.

In a parallel initiative, CybeReady is also introducing 'Awareness Bites', focussed particularly on QR code safety. These analyses are designed to impart quick, concentrated, and easily comprehensible educational material on numerous sectors of cybersecurity.

Presenting succinct, highly relevant lessons that employees can comprehend and retain, they are especially valuable in high-speed work settings. The newly introduced QR Code Awareness Bites are categorised under the Mobile Phone Security Category offering insightful understanding into QR code safety and best practices.

Highlighting the escalating threat, Michal Gil, Head of Product at CybeReady, said, "QR Code phishing represents a significant and growing threat among both large and small enterprises. By integrating QR Code Simulations into the training regimen, organisations can stay ahead of these sophisticated attacks. This not only provides for a more defensive posture but also empowers employees with the knowledge and skills needed to identify and prevent such threats."

By incorporating QR Code Phishing Simulations, CybeReady has enhanced its Security Awareness Training solution, which utilises adaptive learning methodologies and machine learning algorithms. This enriches the cybersecurity understanding and practices of employees in all types of organisations, the company states.

Personalised learning experiences are tailored to match the distinctive requirements and learning patterns of each employee. Offering a variety of interactive resources, including simulations of actual phishing attacks and short, impactful educational content like Awareness Bites, it continues to drive knowledge on a variety of cybersecurity subjects.