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BroadSource selects Ribbon Communications for secure credit card payment solution
Wed, 13th Dec 2023

Global solutions provider BroadSource has teamed up with Ribbon Communications, a provider of real-time communications technology, to enhance credit card data security. BroadSource has selected Ribbon's SBC SWe system as a crucial element in its Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) compliant SecureCall payment system.

Haydn Faltyn, CEO and Co-founder of BroadSource explained that SecureCall is aimed at making businesses compliant with the PCI-DSS 4.0 from March 2024. The system is designed to secure customers’ card payments made telephonically in both call centre and non-call centre settings. Ribbon Communications' extensive SBC installed base and global leadership gave BroadSource the necessary confidence to include them as a critical part of their SecureCall solution.

Faltyn highlighted the challenge of securing customer credit card data that is shared over the phone, often verbally, in various locations. The new PCI standards tighten a business's obligations to ensure that these informal settings are better secured. SecureCall removes the customers' card details from the conversation, making them invisible to the business.

SecureCall utilises Ribbon's award-winning SBC technology to facilitate a secure exchange between the merchant, customer, and SecureCall Cloud. The solution can be purchased as a cloud service and deployed by the merchant's telecom service provider. This innovation frees the merchant from the need for new technology investments. The solution can be applied to any cloud phone line, offering secure credit card information exchange regardless of the location of the merchant's staff.

Manny Christophidis, Enterprise and Channel Director for the Asia Pacific region at Ribbon Communications expressed that they are proud of their ability to support customer success by ensuring the security of business-critical communications and meeting industry and government-led security mandates globally. Christophidis anticipates Ribbon's support for BroadSource's innovation and dedication to customer success will continue into the future.