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IT Industry
Kiwi IT specialist makes a difference in Africa – opportunities available
Read the incredible story of a young Kiwi IT specialist helping to heal Africa's poor - and further opportunities that are available.
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How hard do you make the enterprise buying decision?
For many functional solutions, there is usually one department (or team) that gets the primary benefit.
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Announcement: Lenovo launches PC as a Service in Australia
The new Lenovo solution allows companies to outfit their organisations with a fully-managed PC OpEx consumption model for a monthly cost.
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IT Industry
Majority of IT professionals feel that increasing complexity is making their jobs harder
In an increasingly fast-moving digital world, companies around the globe face issues with managing their IT services.
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Endpoint Protection
IT departments need to up their unified solutions game
"The report provides visibility into the uses and concerns that IT departments face in respect to endpoint security, patching and mobile management."
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Unmanaged wearables pose threat to the enterprise
“Wearables are deceptively private. However, hackers don’t need to take physical possession of a device in order to exploit a hole in security."
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Need IT? Don’t ask your CIO
New research reveals LoB managers are heading straight to the source with their IT requirements, rather than going through the CIO.
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Disaster Recovery
Want to learn how you can transform legacy backup to cloud-enabled availability?
OneNet is delighted to have Luca Dell’Oca to present on the exciting new enhancements in the recently launched Veeam Availability Suite Version 9.
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University of Auckland student wins REANNZ scholarship
“Future Funds is intended to give candidates the opportunity to challenge themselves - they’ll be exposed to a wide range of development opportunities
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Digital Transformation
Cyber security now about mitigating risk
“In 2016, cyber security will move further toward the boardroom as a corporate issue and become a continual process of risk mitigation."
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How to ensure people and data work together effectively
People and data are a powerful combination, but it can be hard to get both right. Effective people management is crucial to the success of data.
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Dependency of digital infrastructure causing major IT problems
"Reliance on digital infrastructures has dramatically increased the impact and frequency of major incidents."
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This is not a democracy: Controlling cloud sprawl
"Cloud has proven to be a democratic force for many organisations, but this sense of democracy is leading to the growing phenomenon of cloud sprawl."
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How leading CIOs are addressing the digital skills gap
As analog revenues flatten and decline for many industries, businesses are shifting to a new source of growth: digital revenue from digital business.
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Is productivity impacted by IT restrictions?
There is a disconnect between IT professionals and end users when it comes to the desktop experience, according to a new study.