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Glenn Maiden stories

Glenn Maiden's expertise in the realm of cybersecurity is unmistakable, with a keen interest in the development and analysis of threat intelligence. As the director of threat intelligence at FortiGuard Labs ANZ, Maiden occupies a pivotal role where he oversees the intricate nature of cyber threats and the ever-evolving landscape of wiper malware and ransomware challenges. His recent articles elucidate the pressing concern of ransomware prevalence and the emergence of new variants fueled by Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) models, underlining his dedication to the field.

Furthermore, Glenn Maiden's active involvement in the cybersecurity community is highlighted by his contribution to the inaugural Auckland cybersecurity summit. The summit marks a significant milestone in New Zealand's cybersecurity dialogue, offering professionals a platform to forge the future of cyber defence strategies. Maiden's analysis of exploit trends—especially in the context of increased remote work situations—showcases his broader interest in how cybersecurity adapts to changing work practices and the importance of securing endpoints against malicious attacks.