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Amit Singh stories

Amit Singh is a distinguished author with a keen interest in technology and its applications in the business world. His expertise spans across various cutting-edge technologies, with a notable focus on Secure Digital Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN). Amit has extensively explored how SD-WAN serves as a cornerstone for businesses looking to scale, particularly emphasizing its significance for expanding operations securely and efficiently. His insights into how Australian firms are prioritizing IT investment, with a substantial inclination towards SD-WAN for its cost-effective and secure network solutions, reflect his deep understanding of the tech landscape and its impact on business growth.

Beyond networking technologies, Amit also delves into the realm of recruitment and human resources innovations, specifically within the tech industry. He has covered stories like Weekday's successful funding round, showcasing his interest in how new platforms are challenging the status quo in tech hiring. Through his examination of Weekday's approach to simplifying the recruitment process with peer-group references, Amit demonstrates his broad expertise, not just in the technical aspects of IT but also in how technology can foster better practices in hiring and team building within the tech sector.