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WatchGuard releases firewall appliances for home and SMBs

11 Jun 2020

WatchGuard Technologies has released its new Firebox T Series tabletop firewall appliances. 

The T20, T40 and T80 Fireboxes equip small, home and midsize office environments with the performance to support business-critical internet speeds and a broad range of enterprise-grade security services delivered in a compact form factor.

“As internet speeds continue to increase and threat actors leverage sophisticated tactics to compromise networks and users, businesses can’t afford to compromise on security or performance,” says WatchGuard product management vice president Brendan Patterson. 

“Small and midsize organisations without adequate security resources require the best of both worlds. With leading throughput levels, layered security services, zero-touch SD-WAN capabilities and many other benefits, our new line of tabletop security appliances provides just that.”

WatchGuard’s new tabletop security appliances are built to provide advanced throughput and improved HTTPS traffic processing to keep up with the ever-increasing velocity of business, along with a comprehensive set of security services. 

The new T Series firewalls allow small and midmarket organisations and the managed service providers (MSPs) that support them to deploy gateway antivirus, content and URL filtering, antispam, intrusion prevention, application control, cloud sandboxing, endpoint protections and more.

The Firebox T20 – Designed specifically for organisations and managed service providers that need to extend protection to home and small office locations, the Firebox T20 can operate as either a stand-alone solution or be centrally managed from corporate headquarters. 

Coupled with the Total Security Suite, the T20 blocks outsiders from entering networks, monitors traffic to stop malicious email attachments, phishing attempts, ransomware and other attacks. 

The appliance is also available in a T20-W Wi-Fi-enabled model, which features 802.11ac wireless capabilities.

The Firebox T40 – An economical security solution in a small form factor, the T40 brings enterprise-level security to distributed environments such as small offices, branch locations and small retail shops. 

With the full Total Security Suite from WatchGuard, this appliance provides advanced firewall features, including key security protections like ransomware defense, AI-powered threat prevention and more. 

Also available in a Wi-Fi-enabled version, the T40-W offers 802.11ac wireless capabilities.

The Firebox T80 – For a wide array of midsize office environments, the Firebox T80 delivers high throughput with full UTM protection when compared to alternative tabletop firewalls. 

The T80 includes an expansion module option for custom port configurations that provides integrated fibre connectivity from the appliance. 

This SFP+ module offers an additional 1Gb or 10Gb fibre port and allows midsize organizations and their MSPs to adapt as connectivity needs evolve over time. 

Additionally, it features two Power-over-Ethernet (PoE+) ports.

Additional features include:

  • SD-WAN with Zero-Touch Deployment – T Series Fireboxes offer integrated SD-WAN capabilities. With built-in, zero-touch SD-WAN functionality, these appliances enable organisations to reduce the need for MPLS or 4G/LTE connections, avoid sending traffic from remote sites back through a central data centre and support hybrid WAN architectures.
  • PoE+ – The T40 and T80 feature integrated PoE+, with one port and two ports, respectively. This enables organisations to power peripheral devices such as security cameras, VoIP phones and wireless access points.  
  • IntelligentAV – Now available on the T40 and T80, IntelligentAV leverages a machine-learning engine to defend against zero day malware. It provides predictive protection to small and midsize businesses.
  • Automation – Users can deploy T Series appliances from the cloud, update threat signatures, detect and eliminate malware and more through automation-enabled processes.
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