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Want $10,000? Unisys tempts hackers at San Francisco event

Unisys Corporation is offering US$10,000 to participants who can capture data and credentials protected by the Unisys Stealth cybersecurity solution at the RSA 2020 Conference taking place in San Francisco.

Unisys is a global information technology company that builds high-performance, security-centric solutions for businesses and governments. Unisys offerings include security software and services; digital transformation and workplace services; industry applications and services; and innovative software operating environments for high-intensity enterprise computing. 

 The “Unisys Stealth Capture the Flag” contest will take place at the Moscone Center. The contest will consist of two three-hour sessions, each of which will be limited to one potential winner. Participants must be present, but conference badges are not required.  

At each session, participants will try to compromise a target system protected by Stealth, Unisys’ encrypted, identity-based microsegmentation solution. In order to win, participants must capture Stealth-protected credentials and hidden file information using their own computing devices.

“We feel so confident in the ability of Stealth to protect our clients’ data that we are putting our money where our mouth is,” says Unisys chief information security officer Mat Newfield. 

“In the event that any of the contest participants is able to ‘capture the flag,’ we will have our team ready to work through the necessary remediation steps," he says.

Unisys launched the latest version of its Stealth security software earlier this month.

At time of launch, the company said the updated software provides protection for data in container and Kubernetes environments, with the aim of improving data centre security and securing new workloads.

It said the new Stealth version will stop more sophisticated cyber attacks, including sponsored threats. It will also prevent data exfiltration in the event of a breach, Unisys said at the time.

For those interested in the contest, sign up can be done through the contest website at There will be a maximum of 20 participants per session, and Unisys may close registration once the maximum number of registrations is received. Contest rules apply. 

The RSA 2020 conference runs until 28 February and features a line up of key speakers from a variety of cyber security firms, including Ann Johnson, corporate vice president, Cybersecurity Solutions Group, Microsoft Corp and Patrick Morley, SVP/GM, Security Business Unit, VMware. The theme of this year's event is Human Element.

The conference brings together top cybersecurity leaders and a community of peers looking to exchange ideas that will help propel the industry forward.

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