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Video: 10 Minute IT Jams - Who is Okta?

By Contributor, Wed 31 Mar 2021

Techday's 10 Minute IT Jams provide sharp, to-the-point insights into emerging and established technology companies that operate in the Asia-Pacific region.

Okta is an identity and access management company, specialising in secure user authentication. It's an enterprise-grade identity management service, built for the cloud, but compatible with many on-premises applications. With Okta, IT can manage any employee's access to any application or device.

Today we speak to Okta sales engineer manager Jefferson Haw, who discusses:

  • Okta's key products and offerings, plus recent improvements and innovations
  • Upcoming trends influencing the company's product developments
  • The company's presence in the APAC market
  • How to get in touch with the Okta team.

Watch the video below.

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