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Superloop helping Aussie K12 schools with latest offering
Thu, 11th Aug 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Superloop has launched CyberEdge, a new cybersecurity platform that will give K12 schools in Australia the tools to optimise, secure and manage their network.

CyberEdge is an all-encompassing security platform that specialises in protecting a school's network, staff and students, in turn, looking after the school's reputation.

The offering has been developed with a critical focus on student wellbeing and ensuring schools can recognise at-risk students so staff can quickly provide crucial care and support.

“CyberEdge is designed to give students and teachers the power and freedom to engage in new ways of learning without worrying about access, performance, or safety,” Superloop business group executive Dean Tognella says.

Superloop has provided its cyber security and cyber safety offerings to schools for over 10 years, currently protecting more than 300,000 students throughout Australia.

“The new features and functionality that we have built in CyberEdge continues our investment in our cyber solutions, designed to enhance student's wellbeing and protect school networks and data from external threats,” Dean notes.

“CyberEdge ensures students can access online materials safely, whilst the school can identify worrying patterns of student behaviour through search and web activity, keeping everyone safe.

“We've been working in partnership with educational institutions in our research and development and refining our solution, and the level of support we can provide IT teams.

Additional features and functionality include:

  • More control and secure access to learning materials in a single platform
  • Financial freedom with no hidden costs and flexible payment options
  • Timely local support
  • Local data storage
  • High availability with redundancy should a primary node go down
  • Advanced firewall technology to protect from existing and emerging cyber threats
  • Intrusion Prevention System to scan, block, and report threats and malicious content
  • Advanced Routing features for greater control and customisation around traffic policy configuration
  • Web security with tools to protect your network and users through high-level content filtering, phishing detection and URL categorisation
  • A new dimension of intelligence and support for student wellbeing with ClearView, giving school leaders an extra level of insight into student care

“We believe that the best cyber security solution should be supported by education that helps keep everyone safe at school,” Dean adds.

“As part of the CyberEdge launch we're introducing Snap, our goodbot. Snap and his pals have been designed to help educate students so they can avoid the badbots, those cyber security threats to education that include malware, phishing, identity theft and spam, and making staying safe easy and fun.

“CyberEdge is the next evolution of safer digital learning environments for K12 schools to keep everyone safe online and identify and avoid cyber threats.