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SailPoint expands Identity Security Cloud with new Standard Suite
Wed, 14th Feb 2024

SailPoint Technologies, an enterprise identity security vendor, recently announced the release of two new offerings aimed at facilitating organisations around their identity journeys. These products include an extension of SailPoint Identity Security Cloud offerings with the new Standard suite and a raft of customer success services tailored to fit businesses of varying maturity and scale.

The new Standard suite will offer enterprises embarking on their identity security journey an opportunity to centralize their identity-related data, enabling them to regulate access for all enterprise identity types in an exhaustive, scalable manner. This suite complements two existing SailPoint offerings - Business and Business Plus.

In parallel, SailPoint is unveiling carefully designed customer success packages that resonate with program maturity. These services aim to provide businesses with expert-led advice and guidance stemming from the top-tier knowledge that SailPoint has acquired through countless successful enterprise identity program implementations.

Underlining the importance of an effective identity security solution, Matt Mills, President of SailPoint, stated, "Identity security is all about the long game and should be approached both from a near-term business need and an aspirational one - where will the business be in 2-4 years? No matter the answer to that question, the identity security solution you choose is critical to your company's security over time."

He further added, "With SailPoint Identity Security Cloud, we've built the playbook for companies to grow their identity security program alongside their business, arming them with solutions that address their current, and perhaps most importantly, their future identity security needs."

SailPoint Identity Security Cloud, built on SailPoint Atlas, a unified multi-tenant SaaS platform, features a suite of critical product modules. These include access modelling, lifecycle management, compliance management, and analytics. The goal here is to assist customers at every step of their identity security journey as their identity landscape takes on more size, complexity, and scale.

The newly unveiled Standard suite is designed for less complex identity landscapes, especially for companies which are in the early stages of their identity security journey. The suite provides the necessary tools to build a centralised identity security experience, streamlines processes and increases the accessibility of critical applications to meet regulatory compliance.

SailPoint's customer success packages have been released in three tiers - Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each tier is designed to support customers in their identity security journey with varying levels of training, adoption workshops, configuration support, program oversight, assessment, and guidance.

Praising SailPoint's services, Prasad Tamhankar, Director of Information Security at ADP, stated, "With SailPoint Identity Security Cloud, we've been able to focus our management and engineering team on thinking more about identity security, than customising the solution, writing the workflows, making the user experience seamless—all of that is managed by SailPoint."

The newly released SailPoint Identity Security Cloud Standard suites and the Customer Success Portfolio offerings are currently available for customers.