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Proaxiom launches ASD-compliant cybersecurity for SMBs & MSPs
Wed, 21st Feb 2024

Proaxiom Australia, a cybersecurity company, has introduced a new solution tailored for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs), offering comprehensive security services based on Microsoft technology. This ASD Essential Eight Level 3 compliant solution ensures cyber insurance readiness and provides around-the-clock aided support through an onshore Security Operations Centre, all in just eight weeks.

Proaxiom Australia provides solutions which are easy to use and implement, using the Microsoft 365 technology stack to create a customised, configurable and cost-effective cybersecurity solution.

The new program, named 'Audit to Assurance + Cyber Insurance Readiness', starts with an in-depth assessment against the ASD Essential Eight framework. It also evaluates organisations against various security control parameters. Accordingly, it delivers Essential Eight compliance, cyber insurance preparedness, and complete oversight from the Security Operations Centre (SOC) right from Day 1. This approach grants immediate value and assurance to businesses.

Mark Woodhouse, CEO of Proaxiom, pointed out that the company saw a gap in the market for SMBs looking for a solution which could seamlessly integrate with their existing systems, utilise their Microsoft licenses and remove the 'panic paralysis' often experienced post-cyber attacks. He said, "Our solution is accessible, affordable and supported around the clock. It provides a fast and easy route to compliance, which manages and mitigates risk and reduces insurance premiums."

Beyond the Audit to Assurance program, Proaxiom offers an in-depth portfolio of services, including SOC-based oversight, threat intelligence, and Virtual CISO advisory services. These services aid customers continually from day one, offering reliable value.

Cameron Fairbairn, CTO of Proaxiom, highlighted the simplicity and effectiveness of their cybersecurity technology, emphasising years of refinement to ensure it provides the necessary cyber resilience for organisations without adding unnecessary complexity. Fairbairn stated, "I have spent a few years refining the technology to ensure it delivers the cyber resilience organisations need without extensive complications. A reliable cybersecurity solution should be straightforward, and our Audit to Assurance program reinforces this premise."

Proaxiom is gaining momentum swiftly, with Managed Service Providers adopting this novel solution to fill a cybersecurity void in their offering. They are acknowledging the implications and accessibility provided by the Microsoft Sentinel technology. Fairbairn continued, "The Proaxiom Cyber solution offers a speedy and cost-effective answer for businesses seeking to simplify their cybersecurity architecture while minimising costs and maintaining an appropriate level of service and protection."

As the demand for robust cybersecurity solutions for small and medium-sized businesses continues to grow, offerings from companies such as Proaxiom that are cost-effective, efficient, and deliver a high degree of protection are poised to play an integral role in securing the digital spaces of these organisations.

Founded in Australasia with 25 years of experience in software development, cybersecurity and project delivery expertise, Proaxiom's global reach spans Australasia, South Asia, and Mainland Europe.