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Norton's new app, Norton Genie, fights cyber scams with Dan Levy
Thu, 18th Jan 2024

The ubiquitous nature of the cyber scam has seen one in five people fall prey to one in the past year alone. With this alarming statistic, Norton, an expert in cyber safety, has introduced to the general public the worldwide scam detection app, Norton Genie, as it partners with Emmy award-winning creator Dan Levy.

Norton Genie can accurately identify cyber scams aimed at parting unsuspecting victims from either their money or personal details. The free app gives users real-time evaluations of online content such as texts, emails and social media posts, sifting out the fraudulent from the legitimate.

People can upload screenshots of potential scams for an on-the-spot assessment by the app, explaining why the content is suspicious and offering advice on what action to take next. Within the past month, the app has scanned thousands of uploads, identifying nearly half as valid scam attempts.

Dan Levy, lauded for his creative accomplishments, shared why he was eager to be part of the project. He acknowledged having received emails himself asking him to click on random links to claim rewards. "It's so easy these days to get tricked into opening, clicking, or sharing shady links. The fact that Genie helps identify these scams and keeps people from falling victim to sharing money or personal information is such an important tool," he said.

Ondrej Vlcek, President at Gen, called attention to the adaptation and evolution of scams through complex technology. He considered the introduction of Norton Genie a proactive attempt to combat this increased sophistication. "As the cyber threat landscape gets more complex, Norton Genie makes it as easy as possible to protect yourself from scams 24/7. Since its early access launch last year, we have been gathering learnings and results to ensure Norton Genie lives up to its potential, meets the needs of customers, and helps empower people to take advantage of the digital world safely, privately and confidently," he said.

The collaboration with Dan Levy forms part of Norton Genie's efforts to raise awareness of the pervasiveness and potency of modern-day scams. It will appear in :60, :30, and :15 spots on various digital platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Krista Todd, CMO at Gen, said, "We know today's scams are harder to spot than ever before. Scammers are getting smarter and adopting new technology – but so are we. We are thrilled to have Dan help bring Norton Genie to life."

"With the help of Genie and Dan, we are empowering people to make smart decisions online and be more cyber resilient with a powerful new tool that can give them instant feedback and guidance to avoid getting scammed. This is just the beginning, and we are excited and optimistic about the ways Genie can help people today and in the future," said Todd.

Scam detection activities, including the Scam Scan challenge, are being hosted on social media by Norton, allowing people to test their abilities in real time. Collaborations with recognisable tech and lifestyle influencers like Justine Ezarik, Laura Whaley, and Jordan Howlett will provide comedic and enriching content on how to detect scams. The Norton Genie app can be downloaded on the iOS or Android platforms.