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Netskope launches developer training on Secure Code Warrior platform
Thu, 28th Dec 2023

Secure Code Warrior, the international expert in developer-driven security, has announced that global SASE leader Netskope has launched its developer training program via Secure Code Warrior's agile learning platform. This platform is reported to deliver the most effective learning solution, enabling developers to understand, apply, and retain software security principles.

Netskope, trusted by thousands of customers worldwide, relies on its robust NewEdge network to address a range of concerns, such as evolving threats, new risks, technology changes, and regulatory requirements. Its global developer team is pivotal in driving cloud security advancements. The team felt the need to fine-tune its secure code education approach to keep pace with its fast-tracking software development commitments.

The objective was to engage developers with more interactive learning techniques, outstepping the traditional learning methods that restricted coding languages and self-service options.

A significant move was to rebrand Netskope's program internally to 'self-service adoption.' This encouraged developers to take more initiative towards their secure code education. In collaboration with Secure Code Warrior, Netskope crafted a program that made security content easily accessible and visible to developers.

James Robinson, Deputy CISO at Netskope, highlighted the enhanced success of their developer educational training efforts. The increased engagement and a departure from perceiving these efforts as mere compliance tasks contribute to a more valuable return on investment. Importantly, this shift allows developers to become security champions, indicating a proactive and empowered approach to cybersecurity within the organisation.

James Robinson said, "We are getting a better return on investment with our developer educational training efforts because of higher participation and the fact that these efforts no longer feel like they're a tick-the-box, compliance-mandated activity. The byproduct of all this is that we're enabling our developers to be security champions."

The agile learning platform from Secure Code Warrior delivers an effective learning solution for developers to grasp, apply, and remember software security principles. This results in swift and secure software delivered by high-speed teams. Over 600 companies have adopted Secure Code Warrior to introduce agile learning programs for developer-centric security.

Netskope is enabling developers to pursue learning in a personalised manner, and Secure Code Warrior plays a crucial role in this initiative. Fatemah Beydoun, Chief Customer Officer at Secure Code Warrior, expressed pride in the positive outcomes of this collaboration. She highlighted the confidence major technology companies worldwide place in Secure Code Warrior to provide developers with comprehensive, relevant, and reliable secure coding content, emphasising its significance in skill development within the industry.

Fatemah Beydoun said, "We couldn't be prouder of the outcomes. This is why major technology companies around the world come to Secure Code Warrior to ensure their developers can hone their skills with the most comprehensive, relevant, and trustworthy secure coding content in the industry today."