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Kaspersky products ace SE Labs testing with flawless defence
Thu, 25th Jan 2024

Cybersecurity company Kaspersky has seen its products scrutinised among existing threats and attack patterns, resulting in the highest rating from independent security testing company SE Labs. With continued attempts to negatively impact the cybersecurity landscape, SE Labs performed real-world cyberattacks on Kaspersky's range of anti-malware tools, resulting in flawless defence capability and full effectiveness.

In light of the increasing prevalence of malware attacks, Kaspersky's Endpoint Security for Business, Small Office Security, and Kaspersky Plus were put to the test against a barrage of targeted attacks using established techniques, as well as threats discovered at the time of the testing. Each product outperformed in its fight against these attacks, scoring the maximum possible 1136 points and earning an AAA awards certificate.

A recent Kaspersky global study showed that 28% of companies worldwide have suffered cyber incidents due to malware attacks in the last two years. A large proportion of these incidents were in financial organisations (34%) and telecommunications companies (31%), with employees downloading malware being the primary reason.

Different categories were set up for Kaspersky's Small Office Security and Endpoint Security for Business products to be tested during SE Labs' anti-malware protection test, representing the small business and enterprise areas, respectively. Targeting the home segment, Kaspersky Plus was examined within real-world cyberattack scenarios, enabling companies to demonstrate the effectiveness of endpoint security solutions.

All Kaspersky products reached the highest possible 400-point Protection Accuracy Rating, as they blocked all threats, preventing system compromise. On top of this, they earned a maximum of 736 points in the Legitimate Accuracy Ratings, confirming that the products classified legitimate applications and URLs correctly. In total, Kaspersky obtained a maximum of 1136 points in the Total Accuracy Rating, indicating 100% effectiveness against anti-malware.

Commenting on the findings, Alexander Liskin, Head of Threat Research at Kaspersky, said: "Malware is one of the most prevalent types of attacks in the world, and its number continues to grow. With the development of cybersecurity solutions, threat creators are searching for new ways to bypass security systems. As our results show, we are coping with the task pretty well, and we are really grateful to SE Labs for helping us prove our effectiveness by challenging with the latest types of threats."

Siding with this sentiment, Simon Edwards, Founder and CEO of SE Labs, explained: "We update attack scenarios for the tests we run as soon as we register significantly new types of threats. Our testing helps vendors to improve their products, as well as customers to choose the strongest products to protect their business and home devices."

"Kaspersky finished 2023 with a brilliant result again, proving 100% anti-malware defense capabilities of its products in our business and home tests. We appreciate Kaspersky's participation in our testing and congratulate it on its results."

In recent years, Kaspersky has been a regular participant in the SE Labs quarterly test. In 2023, Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business and Kaspersky Small Office Security reached the highest possible scores for Total Accuracy Rating, demonstrating 100% anti-malware protection and stability while also achieving the top AAA rating.