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Forcepoint launches new security tool to stop 'risky' behaviour in its tracks
Tue, 13th Sep 2016
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Forcepoint is taking on the cybersecurity scene in Australia, and the company has announced its SureView Insider Threat tool to help organisations battle the neverending war aganst cyber threats.

The launch comes after Forcepoint research found that 94% of Australian enterprises have been exposed to data breaches by internal threat. Of these, 66% of threats were 'accidental' insider threats, while 32% faced malicious data leakage and 39% were victims of socially engineered threats.

Forcepoint says that it's no longer external threats that have to be considered, but internal ones too.

“Insider threat protection is a significant problem in the Australian market and until now there has been no comprehensive solution. With SureView now available globally, Australian companies will be able to spot risky behaviour and activity across their enterprises, delivering better security and increased regulatory compliance while respecting privacy," says Kelly Harward, Forcepoint's director of product management

The company says its SureView platform will show professionals early warning signs of abnormal behaviour, capture a video record of desktop activity and then intervene before a breach. This will prevent theft and loss from hijacks, insiders, negligent users and stolen credentials.

“We know that leading Australian CISOs consistently rank the threat of data leakage from an insider as a top cause for concern. Insiders have more time to operate and better insight to where valuable data is stored than any external attacker, and as a result, can cause far more damage per incident," comments Guy Eilon, Forcepoint country manager for Australia - New Zealand.

According to Forcepoint, the SureView platform works by using a 'baseline'. It then uses rigorous verification processes that capture relevant data while respecting user privacy. From the activities, the platform can detect human behaviours, whether intentionally malicious or through negligence.

"By taking an inside-out approach to security, SureView will enable enterprise organisations throughout Australia to embrace the opportunities of the digital information age with confidence," Eilon concludes.