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ExtraHop brings SaaS network detection and response solution to market

ExtraHop has launched Reveal(x) 360, a SaaS-based network detection and response (NDR) solution.

It is designed to provide on demand, unified visibility across multi cloud and hybrid workloads, as well as distributed workforces and operations.

Targeted towards security operations teams, it aims to enable them to improve their cloud operations and security posture without compromising availability or core business objectives.

The solution brings together network data with the cloud to provide security from the data centre to the cloud, to the user and device edge.

It is cloud-delivered, cloud-agnostic, with cloud intelligence for continuous protection across the entire attack surface, ExtraHop states.

A fully-integrated workflow enables SecOps teams to manage detection, investigation, and response at scale and align to the demands of the business.

Key features or benefits of the solution include its cloud-native consumption model, centralised management and threat visibility, AI-powered threat detection, real-time investigation and continuous intelligence.

Cloud-Native Consumption Model: Reveal(x) 360 provides on-demand consumption so customers can manage peak periods, fall course registration, and insurance enrollment periods without annual contracts.

On-demand consumption for index record search is available immediately, with additional on-demand purchasing options available in July.

Centralised Management and Threat Visibility: A unified management pane provides visibility and control across multi cloud workloads, data centres, remote sites, and users and devices.

With centralised visibility, security teams can detect, investigate, and respond to threats across the entire attack surface.

AI-Powered Threat Detection: Reveal(x) 360 uses real-time intelligence and behavioural analysis derived from petabytes of anonymised threat telemetry collected daily for cloud-based machine learning without impacting sensor performance.

Cloud-scale ML provides more than one million predictive models for a typical enterprise deployment to identify suspicious behaviours and potential threats, ExtraHop states.

Real-Time Investigation: A cloud-based record store provides fully hosted and managed search capability for streamlined incident investigation with index record search and query of data from every segment of the hybrid environment.

Continuous Intelligence: Reveal(x) 360 automatically updates detectors, threat intelligence feeds, and IoT profiles via the cloud without the need for manual intervention.

ExtraHop CTO and cofounder Jess Rothstein says, “Over the past several months, remote work, digital interactions, and online services have accelerated at an unprecedented rate. And there is an increasing need to address significant gaps that have been exposed around both security and availability.

"Reveal(x) 360 is the culmination of a multi-year R&D investment to secure data centre, remote sites, and cloud workloads with frictionless deployment and actionable insights that can be securely accessed from anywhere.”

Reveal(x) 360 for multi cloud and hybrid cloud environments is now available on AWS Marketplace. Flexible pricing plans include reserved instance and on-demand pricing options to align with individual customer budget requirements.

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