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ESET's Endpoint Antivirus takes out VB100 award

The ESET Endpoint Antivirus recorded strong detection, excellent stability and low resource requirements in the latest Virus Bulletin’s VB100 Comparative Review.Virus Bulletin, a testing authority for security solutions, published its latest ‘VB100 Comparative Review on Windows Server 2008 R2’ report.

“ESET Endpoint Antivirus provides companies with comprehensive endpoint protection based on proven ESET technology,” says Michal Jankech, product manager for business products at ESET.

“Moreover, with next-generation business solutions we are focusing on performance and false positives, and it is always good to see this confirmed by an independent tests such as VB100 Comparative Review,” he says. 

Besides detection, the comparative review also focused on product stability and performance. According to the VB100 result, Jankech says, stability of ESET Endpoint Antivirus was impeccable, with no problems, even under the heaviest of stress.

Further adding that “resource use was low and our set of activities ran through in good time. Scanning speeds were good to start off with and much faster in repeat runs, and overheads accessing files were very light”.   Learn more about ESET Endpoint protection solutions and about Virus Bulletin’s VB100 Comparative Review on Windows Server 2008 R2.

The award marks ESET’s 73rd consecutive VB100 award. In total, ESET has received 94 VB100 awards.

“Detection was very strong, with good scores across the board,” Virus Bulletin says of how ESET Endpoint Antivirus dealt with nearly 900,000 test files.

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