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ESET recognised as 'Notable Vendor' in Forrester's Q4 2023 XDR report
Fri, 1st Dec 2023

Global cybersecurity expert ESET has been acknowledged as a "Notable Vendor" in Forrester's Q4 2023 Extended Detection And Response Platforms Landscape report. This recognition comes during ESET's initial foray into this landscape overview with its all-in-one response solution, ESET PROTECT Elite.

The landscape report, which evaluated 29 XDR solutions providers, aims to equip cybersecurity professionals with insights as they discern the added value various providers offer. It helps clients understand the unique strengths of different vendors and thus make informed decisions based on their size and focus areas.

Extended Detection and Response (XDR) is growing in popularity, gradually replacing Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and consolidating security-related detections from endpoints and other surfaces.

XDR employs a cloud-native approach with resilient big data infrastructure, setting a high bar for a premium analyst experience for robust detection, thorough investigations, and swift responses. This type of comprehensive security purview is becoming the prevalent demand for many businesses.

The XDR solutions offered by the diverse vendors, varying by size, region, and use cases, align with the four core buyer expectations. These include native detection surfaces (endpoint and workload), incident management, and threat hunting. ESET stands out among these vendors with its PROTECT Elite offering.

This solution provides integrated multi-layered endpoint protection that includes a wide spectrum of security aspects such as multi-factor authentication, advanced threat defence, full disk encryption, mail security, cloud application protection, and more.

ESET's PROTECT Elite, which continuously evaluates potential new integrations in line with the highest delivery standards, aids in upholding detection quality. This safeguards against the rush implementation of integrations and capabilities that other less mature vendors might succumb to, often sacrificing detection quality in the process.

ESET also centres its efforts on three of the six extended use cases highlighted in the overview, specifying native detection surface (additional), vulnerability risk management (VRM), policy violations, misconfigurations, and detection as code.

Zuzana Legthov, Senior Manager of Analyst and Testers Relations at ESET, sheds light on how customers navigate challenges in the growing XDR (Extended Detection and Response) market. She emphasises the importance of enhancing visibility into endpoints, devices, and networks to safeguard against emerging threats effectively.

Legthov expresses satisfaction with the recognition of ESET's highest-tier solution in a report by Forrester, seeing it as validation of ESET's commitment to becoming a prominent player in the expanding endpoint security market. She believes this acknowledgement highlights the company's ongoing efforts to provide advanced and reliable security solutions.

Zuzana Legthov states, "To increase visibility into endpoints, devices, and networks is essential to protect against emerging threats. The first appearance of our highest tier solution in the report and the acknowledgment from Forrester certainly reinforces ESET's dedication to become a key player in the expanded endpoint security market."

"We believe this underscores the constant endeavours of the company to offer advanced and reliable security solution."