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DataStax unveils SwiftieGPT, AI chatbot for Taylor Swift's Australian fans
Wed, 14th Feb 2024

With a wave of excitement brewing for the upcoming Taylor Swift's Eras Tour, DataStax has announced the launch of SwiftieGPT, an innovative AI-powered chatbot for Australian Taylor Swift fans. Touted as a celebratory fusion of music fandom and cutting-edge technology, it offers a comprehensive knowledge base about all things Taylor Swift.

DataStax, a prominent GenAI data firm, has designed and implemented the SwiftieGPT to convert the anticipation of "Swifties", as the fans are affectionately known, into a tech-savvy experience. The chatbot collects and organises publicly accessible data about the star, providing fans with a conversationalist that comprehends Swift's world exceptionally well.

This advanced chatbot is fuelled by the DataStax Astra DB vector database. The underlying Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) utilises a blend of generative AI and JavaScript technologies to create an engaging fan experience. From the cookie recipe that Taylor is famous for to tour dates and anecdotal trivia, SwiftieGPT paints a thorough image of the pop icon for fans and casual observers alike.

Built as a helpful resource for both ardent fans and casual observers heading for her Eras Tour this month, SwiftieGPT offers insight into Taylor's world. Concert goers can find answers to question like, "what's with the friendship bracelets?" or "why all the snake emojis?" before they arrive at the MCG or Accor Stadium.

The bot constructs this rich Swift-based reservoir of knowledge by pulling in publicly available info about the star from the web. It then fragments this data into small, semantically meaningful chunks using a document transformer on LangChain. Via the Cohere’s new embedding models, the content is vectored and stored in Astra DB. The overall chat experience is constructed using the Astra Assistants API, supported by Next.js, before the website is finally published to Vercel.

Carter Rabasa, Vice President of Developer Relations at DataStax, shared his thoughts on the project, asserting its perfect fusion of JavaScript, AI, and Astra DB. He explained, "Javascript developers are experimenting and building AI agents and chatbots like this across the board, and we wanted to have a little fun showcasing the power of Astra DB, with style. I expect we’ll be seeing many more use cases moving into the new year, as developers get more and more comfortable with this new technology."

The idea behind SwiftieGPT emerged from the abundance of Swifties in the DataStax team. Rabasa shares, "This idea quickly evolved into SwiftieGPT, a GenAI take on the beloved fansite – building a super helpful, all-knowing chatbot that could answer any and all questions about our favourite artist."