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CrowdStrike & NVIDIA team up for AI-powered cybersecurity
Tue, 19th Mar 2024

CrowdStrike and NVIDIA have announced a strategic collaboration that will serve to deliver NVIDIA’s artificial intelligence (AI) computing services on CrowdStrike's Falcon XDR platform. This new alliance will combine the Falcon platform data with NVIDIA’s GPU-optimised AI pipelines and new NVIDIA NIM microservices. This integration will ensure customised and secure generative AI model creation for their shared clientele.

George Kurtz, co-founder and CEO at CrowdStrike stated, "Our collaboration with NVIDIA combines the power of two innovative industry leaders to not only help customers meet and exceed necessary security requirements, but also increase adoption of AI technologies for business acceleration and value creation.” According to the 2024 CrowdStrike Global Threat Report, breakthrough time for cyberattacks is down to an average of 62 minutes, indicating the need for AI-powered security to ensure maximum threat protection.

Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA, added, "Cybersecurity is inherently a data problem — the more data that enterprises can process, the more events they can detect and address.” He explained how the combination of NVIDIA accelerated computing, generative AI, and CrowdStrike cybersecurity can offer enterprises improved visibility into threats for better business protection. The collaboration focuses on using the AI-powered solutions that CrowdStrike provides its customers to stop breaches faster than ever.

CrowdStrike creates an abundant amount of high-quality security telemetry from the AI-native Falcon platform. This platform collects the best threat intelligence data at its source, builds preventative and generative models, and offers protection to CrowdStrike customers. The collaboration aims to help Falcon users utilise AI-powered solutions to prevent breaches quickly and efficiently.

Moreover, NVIDIA's accelerated computing, NVIDIA Morpheus, and NVIDIA NIM microservices will be leveraged by CrowdStrike. They will work in partnerships with the Falcon platform’s unique contextual data, which will enable customers to resolve novel, domain-specific use cases. These new capabilities include AI-powered applications capable of processing petabytes of logs to enhance threat hunting, detect supply chain attacks, identify unusual user behaviour, and proactively defend against emerging threats and vulnerabilities. As a result, customers will have the opportunity to convert all enterprise data into powerful insights, resulting in improved performance and cost optimisation.