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CrowdStrike launches modern data protection to replace old DLP products
Thu, 28th Dec 2023

Cybersecurity company CrowdStrike has announced the general availability of its new product, the CrowdStrike Falcon Data Protection. Aimed at replacing outdated data loss prevention (DLP) products, it offers a modern, streamlined approach to data security and promises to prevent the exfiltration of valuable data and accidental leakage.

With the release of this product on its AI-native CrowdStrike Falcon XDR platform, the company intends to provide customers with a way to retire ineffective DLP point solutions, which can be costly and challenging to manage. The new offering includes a single lightweight agent that simplifies deployment.

Existing DLP solutions tend to be problematic for many organisations. They often prove hard to implement, complex to administer and struggle to monitor data comprehensively in the current era of cloud and AI technology. This frequently results in monitor-mode-only deployments that can fail to prevent data theft.

However, CrowdStrike Falcon Data Protection utilises the company's established platform's industry-leading visibility and protection capabilities to secure critical data from insider threats and external adversaries.

With CrowdStrike Falcon Data Protection, businesses can immediately deploy data protection from their existing Falcon agent. This can help eliminate legacy DLP point products, reduce complexity, and provide nearly instant time to value. Enterprises can subsequently expand the visibility of data flows swiftly across their organisation to rapidly identify and close down instances of data exfiltration or accidental leakage. The unification of detection and response into a single console and a consolidated workflow saves security analysts time when investigating potential data thefts.

Raj Rajamani, the Head of Products at CrowdStrike, expressed the belief that the current Data Loss Prevention (DLP) market is ready for innovation, much like the legacy Antivirus (AV) market when CrowdStrike began. The recent release represents the future of data protection within a unified platform.

CrowdStrike is proud to collaborate with major global organisations to introduce a groundbreaking approach to data protection. This approach not only prevents breaches but also streamlines by replacing outdated DLP tools. Falcon Data Protection, the newly released solution, allows customers to seamlessly deploy it from their existing agent with minimal configuration requirements, offering immediate and effective data protection.

Raj Rajamani said, "Today's DLP market is where legacy AV was when we started CrowdStrike: ripe for disruption. With this release, we are bringing to market the future of data protection as part of a unified platform."

"We are proud to have partnered with some of the largest organisations in the world to develop a groundbreaking approach to data protection that enables customers to stop the breach while consolidating legacy DLP tools. Customers can deploy Falcon Data Protection immediately from their existing agent with near zero configuration requirements."

CrowdStrike has been globally recognised as an industry leader for its innovative approach to protecting against cybersecurity threats. With the introduction of Falcon Data Protection, CrowdStrike aims to continue the evolution of modern security and transform the way businesses approach data protection.