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Check Point & Microsoft collaborate to boost AI cybersecurity
Wed, 27th Mar 2024

Check Point has made a major advancement in its field of operations. This development comes in the form of a strategic collaboration with Microsoft, where Check Point will be leveraging Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service to enhance their Infinity AI Copilot. The Infinity AI Copilot is an AI service that automates security administration, reducing time spent on incidents by up to 90% while increasing security effectiveness. This partnership marks a significant leap forward in cybersecurity AI applications.

In the era of cloud environments, businesses find themselves increasingly facing sophisticated cyber threats backed by a shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals. This shortage creates a gap for advanced cyber attacks to thrive. Check Point aims to bridge this capacity gap by leveraging AI capabilities deployed in Infinity AI Copilot to lighten the workload of security teams. Further, it helps improve efficiency in fighting advanced cybersecurity threats.

Speaking about the collaboration, Eyal Manor, VP of Product Management at Check Point, expressed his views on the project. "Our collaboration with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service represents a significant leap forward in our mission to offer the most advanced AI-driven security solutions. By combining Microsoft's AI expertise and tools with our deep understanding of cybersecurity across networks, clouds and devices, we are setting new benchmarks for what organisations can achieve in their battle against expanding cyber threats with limited IT resources."

Infinity AI Copilot is set to gain significant power from the collaboration. Microsoft’s advanced large language models (LLMs) will enhance the solution, making it more effective and efficient in tackling a diverse range of cybersecurity challenges. The copilot's users can anticipate considerable improvements in cybersecurity management within their organisations. This could include up to 90% faster administration resolution times, advanced incident response capabilities, and unified cloud-delivered protection across the entire Check Point Infinity Platform. This is all made possible thanks to the integration of Azure OpenAI Service.

In addition, Check Point has developed unique protective mechanisms for the LLMs, securing them against vulnerabilities like prompt injection, bypassing of native security controls, harmful speech, and hallucinations, among others. These protections are bolstered by Check Point's specially developed prompt engineering, which uses retrieval augmented generation (RAG) best practices to improve the service's reliability and accuracy.

Anat Gil, Partners Lead Microsoft South-East Europe, spoke about the shared commitment between the two companies. "By integrating Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service with Check Point Infinity AI Copilot, we are not only advancing the capabilities of AI in protecting digital environments but also empowering organisations to navigate the digital landscape securely and confidently, greatly enhancing the effectiveness of their current security personnel."

This partnership serves to evolve security management and reinforce the broader security framework, ensuring comprehensive protection in today’s progressively cloud-centric operational landscape.