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Women in Technology
Huawei webinar emphasises the importance of women in tech
Industry findings by Coursera discussed as part of a webinar jointly organised by Huawei and Reuters Events found 6% more women enrolled in tech courses this year than in 2021.
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Digital Transformation
Ambit to highlight Digital Employee business benefits
Conversational AI platform Ambit is hosting a webinar to develop understanding of the uses of digital employees to provide long-term company benefits.
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IT Automation
The key to building better IT workflows with no-code, low-code, and automation
What’s the secret to better IT management? It’s not a rhetorical question.
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IT Automation
Webinar: How rhipe simplified its IT workflows & how you can too
What has your IT workload been like this year? If ‘slow’ and ‘complex’ come to mind, you’re not alone.
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Digital Realty
Digital Realty on how hybrid IT enables the future of work & globotics
Join Digital realty on the 6th of October to navigate the future of work and globotics through hybrid IT.
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OutSystems empowers developers to build apps faster for the cloud
There is a quote floating around the internet, supposedly from Bill Gates, that says: "I choose a lazy person to do a hard job because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it." 
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Webinar: Recession-proofing 101: How to take control of your IT strategy
Businesseses needed to think on their feet if they were to survive. For many, it meant cutting costs any way they could. 
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Physical Security
Webinar on demand: Managing physical & digital security threats post-COVID-19
Everbridge chats to seven security leaders to discuss security during- and post-COVID-19.
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Business Continuity
Webinar on demand: An integrated approach to digital resiliency
Critical event response is the type of response needed in situations such as service disruptions, cyber attacks, security breaches, or data centre outages.
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Webinar: The future of data centres in the face of climate change
Digital Realty has today announced a webinar based on its recent report exploring the role of data centres within the climate change debate, and will explore the viable solutions available to help data centre operators fight the rising tide of environmental challenges.
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Customer experience
On October 28, go from CX starter to champion with Zendesk
There could not be a better way to get at the heart of this topic than hearing from the experts whose mission it is to make sure customer service is the best of the best.
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Identity and Access Management
Webinar: How IAM counters the complex threat landscape
In this webinar, experts will discuss how identity access management (IAM) and cyber hygiene best practice can help organisations fight back against escalating cybercrime activities.
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Network Security
Juniper Networks inspires overarching approach to connected security
While Juniper is most well-known for its hardware products such as firewalls, routers, switches, and WiFi access points, these are all security products too.
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Digital Engagement
Webinar: The role of technology in making (or breaking) employee engagement
Employee engagement equals better productivity, loyalty, and customer satisfaction – and it’s critical to an organisation’s success.
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You're invited to the DataCon webinar series: Scale-out multi-protocol storage & data management with Hedvig
Combined with software-defined storage, organisations can leverage a more predictable, resilient, and simple approach to infrastructure.
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Hyland wields blockchain power for credential verification
Blockchain is scalable, interoperable, verifiable, and doesn’t depend on a single-authority tool to verify. Very few technologies will give you that capability to untangle.
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Remote Working
The era of the webinar: Data shows 71% spike in video events in Austalia
Data released today by Redback Connect reveals a 71% spike in webinars, event live streams and video conferencing throughout organisations looking to attract sales and retain customers in the COVID-19 climate. 
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Microsoft Teams
You're virtually invited: How the smartest organisations manage Office 365 and Microsoft Teams
If you’re starting your digital transformation journey or want to find out more about how you can boost your Office 365 productivity, this is your chance to take advantage of expert advice - free.
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Disaster Recovery
How MSPs can protect data on Dropbox beyond its native limits
As Dropbox becomes the central place to access and share files, how can you ensure important data is protected and retained beyond the native limits of Dropbox?
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App development
Is a low-code app building approach what your organisation needs?
Microsoft PowerApps is a service that lets you build business apps that run in a browser or on a phone or tablet, and no coding experience is required.
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You’re invited: Getting proactive about security - an Empired webinar
We all know that proactive security is the best security, but what does that look like? Don’t miss your chance to find out.
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You’re invited: Breaking down the Windows Server 2019 updates
The webinar will be held a week after Microsoft Ignite, so it will cover the complete feature set included in the full release.
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You're invited: Enabling e-Learning free PD webinars
There's a back catalog of e-Learning webinars sitting there for onto it educators to view on demand. Take advantage of free PD to bring tech to class.
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3D Printing
You're invited: Free webinar PD on robots coding and more
"Educators! Take some time out of your day and log into this free webinar focusing on innovative technologies and how the can promote great learning."