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Open source
The aftermath of Log4j - What can be done to protect businesses?
Last year's Apache Log4j vulnerability created a lot of chaos, so what can be done to protect companies from the security implications?
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Application testing
Synopsys announces overhaul of app security testing tool
Synopsys has announced the availability of new features of its Rapid Scan tool, which provides vulnerability detection for open source code.
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Digital Transformation
Synopsys to deliver virtualiser development kit for automotive microcontroller
"Next-generation automotive electronic systems will require more powerful microcontrollers."
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Synopsys and Arm enable tapeouts for mobile processors
New solution to enable faster time-to-market for smartphones, laptops, and other mobile devices.
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Report finds automotive industry seriously wanting in cybersecurity
Findings from a new report have laid the automotive industry’s cybersecurity practices bare after highlighting critical cybersecurity deficiencies.
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Open source
Report: Open source software plagued with vulnerabilities
78% of 1100 examined codebases contained at least one open source vulnerability, with an average of 64 vulnerabilities per codebase.
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Web & mobile applications present significant risk to Asia businesses
"It is not surprising that web and mobile applications represent such a high risk to businesses in Asia."
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Apple iPhone
Will the iPhone X's Face ID be hackable? Security expert weighs in
The iPhone X’s facial recognition technologies have been called into question by a security consultant who claims that no tech is ever unbeatable.