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Consumer relationships with digital services continues to change
Two years of pandemic-induced reliance on technology for work has altered our relationship with digital apps and services, new research has found.
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Nutanix study reveals financial services sector lagging with multicloud adoption
Nutanix has released new research that reveals the financial services sector is lagging behind when it comes to multicloud adoption.
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Data backup plans inadequate, data still at risk - study
The Apricorn 2022 Global IT Security Survey revealed that while the majority organisations have data backup plans in place, data for many are at risk.
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The increasing importance of cyber threat intelligence
Globally, the cyber threat level to organisations remains high, and the current situation only serves to highlight this further.
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Digital Transformation
Over half of SEA users say SMBs should use digital payments
According to a Kaspersky study, more than one in two SEA users say small businesses should be using digital payments.
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Customer experience
57% APAC respondents say CX a top investment priority
Fifty-seven percent of executives in APAC countries report they have a strategy to improve customer experience.
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Aussies vote on the toughest jobs in online shopping
Shoppers have revealed how much, or how little, they know about what goes into the online shopping process in a new survey by CouriersPlease. 
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Remote Working
Wage cuts for hybrid workers? New survey reveals surprising thoughts on remote work
New research from Poly has revealed that one in three Australian organisations believe it's fair to cut wages of remote and hybrid workers, with one in five believing remote working hinders career progression.
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Accenture launches dedicated Metaverse Continuum business group
Accenture has launched a dedicated Metaverse Continuum business group as physical and virtual realities converge.
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The cost of hiring new workers doubles to more than $23,000
A study of more than 1,500 human resources professionals has revealed the cost to hire an employee has more than doubled in the past year.
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Hybrid Cloud
93% of the IT industry will adopt cloud tech within 5 years
A new survey by Hornetsecurity has found 93% of the IT industry will adopt hybrid cloud technology within five years.
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Digital Transformation
Payment disruptions in digital banking - Entrust report
With the transformation of banking and payments is accelerating, the industry has caught disruption from many angles due to web trends and the global pandemic.
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Mighty Ape
Canstar awards Mighty Ape for Most Satisfied Customers
Canstar has announced that the results of its survey for Most Satisfied Customers in the Online Retailers category reveal Mighty Ape as the winner.
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IWD 2022: HP survey reveals changing attitudes to workplace gender bias and systems
A new survey from HP has set out to provide perspective on attitudes towards gender bias and roles within the workplace.
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Data Protection
Global poll unearths alarming data protection levels
A survey of 800 data security decision-makers across 11 countries from enterprises with 5,000 or more employees has disclosed a series of alarming results.
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Adapting & diversifying to take advantage of the recovery
There has been a growing priority in the manufacturing and distribution industries to pursue both new markets and invest in innovations to take advantage of the recovery that is currently underway.
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Artificial Intelligence
70% of Australian companies report increased turnover
A new study has found that 70% of Australian sales and marketing leaders report increased customer turnover, up from 52% in a survey conducted last year.
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Remote Working
Why employees never want to give up remote work
While there is some desire to return to the office, most employees want to continue working from in some capacity, according to a recent report.
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Customers leaving in droves, companies struggle to rebound
Australian customers are leaving at extraordinary rates and most companies are ill-prepared to counter this trend in the rebound from the pandemic.
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Physical Security
Physical security industry leaders embrace new tech - study
The report looks at how the role of physical security continued to evolve in 2021 as organisations adapted to changing conditions.
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Best looking phone survey reveals surprising market trends
The survey not only found the best looking devices, but revealed some interesting facts about the cellular phone market on a whole.
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Study shows Australians prioritise protection over convenience
A recent study by McAfee has identified the shifts in needs, attitudes, and actions that will impact Australia in 2022.
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Why manual calculations are a CFO’s Achille’s heel
Accuracy and strong attention to detail are essential for finance professionals in order to perform well and to hold the respect of their peers.
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Digital Transformation
COBOL market 3 times larger than previously estimated - survey
A Micro Focus survey finds COBOL is viewed as strategic by 92% of respondents, and the amount of COBOL code in daily use increased to 775-850 billion lines.