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Millenials news stories

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Step aside: Employees think they'd do a better job than the boss
“With the number of millennial managers growing, attitudes toward aspects of management and working style will also change."
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Millennials out as Gen Z moves front and centre
“Employers can take a leaf out of Gen Z’s book with advancements in technology in force and exploration of digital realms on the rise."
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Accenture: Young Aussies driving digital healthcare market
Millennial and Gen Z consumers are paving the way for non-traditional care models, an Accenture study finds.
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Service management
Creating an attractive digital workplace for young talent
As the next-generation of workers come through, how can organisations ensure their IT environment is set to attract high performing employees?
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Finance, Leasing & Rental
Millennials moving towards payment installations to avoid credit debt trap
Perpetual debt, hidden costs and exorbitant interest rates are all charged by our largely foreign-owned banks and retail finance companies.
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Apple's army – 1 in 5 AU iPhone users wouldn’t switch to Android for $1m
New research has revealed the depths AU millenials would go to in order to afford the iPhone X - including giving up avocado on toast for two years!
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Microsoft: Kiwis not ready for the demands of the digital workplace
Only 31% feel empowered by their organisation to be able to work together productively and collaboratively while working remotely.
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Young Kiwi innovators most concerned about environment and education issues - survey
The future of the environment and sustainability scored the highest in importance, with 81% of respondents rating it more than 8 out of 10.
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Citrix report: Every generation brings different cybersecurity risks to work
Millennials risk data confidentiality; Gen Xers are most likely to be negligent about security policies & baby boomers may fall for phishing scams.
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Internet of Things
Millennials: How they drive a workforce with their heads in the cloud
The rise of millennials indicates the need for more mobile-savvy engagement as app-centric work environments become the norm for today’s employees.
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Misunderstanding millennials: why businesses need to understand what drives this lucrative market
Research by Qualtrics and Accel has found that this demographic may be the most misunderstood generation.
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The Mind Lab
Don't leave learning the latest tech to millennials
"Tech Toolbox is an amazing opportunity for those that have blinked and missed out on the tech evolution."
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CompTIA holds ANZ Channel event to help businesses attract and retain talent
“This is what we love to see during the Community meetings – collaborating and sharing ideas that we can implement in our organisations."
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Selling broadband to millennials: Market schemes and outlook for 2017
To market broadband services to millennials, broadband companies need to acknowledge their preferences and buying habits or tendencies.
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Gender bias
How do millennials perceive women in leadership?
It's interesting to see that men who say both sexes aren’t equally effective leaders are more than 3x more likely to say men make the better leaders.
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ESET report says millennials are cyber savvy – and also cyber careless
Our findings actually show that when it comes to safety, baby-boomers are much savvier than millennials"
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How to get a slice of the millennial money pie
“They have grown up as ‘digital natives’ and many don’t even remember a time before smartphones, wireless connectivity, and broadband internet.
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How CIOs can create a collaborative workplace for Gen Y employees
Creating an environment that supports and harnesses millenials' talents is critical. Blue Jeans Network's COO Stu Aaron offers up some tips.