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Jon Ramsey stories

Jon Ramsey is an astute observer and chronicler of the dynamic world of cybersecurity. His interest is particularly piqued by the pressing necessity for speed and aggression in corporate cyber protection—a theme he explores through the lens of Australian businesses grappling with escalating digital threats. Ramsey underscores the imperative for organisations to adopt vigilant security measures to safeguard their valuable data from ever-looming cyber risks.

Moreover, Ramsey keenly follows the innovations unfurling within the cybersecurity sphere, as evidenced by his coverage of Fortinet's latest venture. He delves into the details of FortiCNP, Fortinet's new built-in-the-cloud solution. Ramsey's writing illuminates how this pioneering offering is poised to streamline cloud security operations, indicative of his broader interest in how technological advancements are transforming the landscape of cyber defence.