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Great Resignation news stories

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Remote Working
How organisations can meet employees' changing expectations
The global employment market has shifted dramatically in favour of employees, sparking the so-called great resignation, in which people are leaving unsatisfying roles in search of greener pastures.
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Employee retention increasingly important - automation may help
"Technologies like automation can free workers time, enable a better work-life balance, and create vastly improved efficiencies."
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Enterprise Resource Planning / ERP
Great Resignation could severely impact Australian economy
DyFlex Solutions says Australia's services sector makes up more than 70% of the country's gross domestic product, and the Great Resignation has the potential to affect the Australian economy well into the future.
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Digital Transformation
Keeping developers happy amid the Great Resignation
Research from Salesforce's MuleSoft shows that 98% of Australian organisations say it has become more difficult to retain skilled developers.
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Great Resignation
Video: 10 Minute IT Jams - An update from Smith Brothers Media
Today we are joined by James Smith who is the CEO of digital agency Smith Brothers Media. James joins us today to discuss the concept of The Great Resignation and the impact it has for businesses like theirs and also their clients and suppliers.
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Using workforce disruption to position your company for success
With the career plans of a large proportion of the workforce uncertain, organisational leaders can prepare to accelerate programs to modernise key functions such as HR and finance.
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Employee Experience
Global IT company named best employer in Australia and 16 other countries
A global internet technology company has taken the top spot as the best employer in Australia and 16 other countries.
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Cybersecurity automation: differing priorities show need for better C-Suite awareness of benefits
You don’t have to look far in the media to find experts predicting that 2022 will be the year of automation.
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Risk and reward: Report reveals what risks businesses should look out for in 2022
A new report by RiskBusiness Services Limited has revealed various challenges and opportunities that businesses could face in 2022 while also exploring new horizons for financial services firms.
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Cyber attacks
The Great Resignation will drive cyber attacks in 2022
AI cyber security experts Darktrace predict that the Great Resignation we’ve seen during the pandemic will drive cyber attacks in 2022. 
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Amid the Great Resignation, curiosity is an important skill for employees, according to new SAS study
While curiosity can address critical business challenges, many organisations struggle to develop and harness this skill.