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George Lee stories

George Lee is a thought-provoking author who delves into the increasingly pertinent world of cybersecurity. With a keen eye on the current issues plaguing the digital realm, Lee's insightful columns cover a range of topics—from the alarming rise of 'bad bot' cyber attacks threatening Australia's retail sector to the evolving cybersecurity challenges that experts at Imperva forecast for the years ahead. His engaging narratives underscore the profound impact these threats have on industries and consumers alike.

Lee's interest in cyber welfare is not limited to external threats. He also brings to the fore the often under-discussed issue of insider threats within APAC organisations, highlighting the need for a robust preventative strategy. Furthermore, reflecting on the prevailing sentiments in APAC, his exploration into data privacy trust issues exposes the critical tipping point businesses face regarding the handling of consumer data. With a forward-looking perspective, George Lee's writings are essential for understanding the complexities of cybersecurity and the imperative for leaders to build resilient and trustworthy systems in our digital age.