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Car news stories

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Hands-on review: The Amazon Echo Auto
Coming in at well under $100, the Echo Auto may well be that auto accessory that keeps you company on those long road trips.
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Open source
LG and Qualcomm band together to boost in-car experience
Harnessing webOS Auto and Qualcomm Snapdragon Automotive Development Platform (ADP), the companies aim to create and advance a more convenient in-car experience for drivers and passengers alike.
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Toyota invests in hydrogen-fuelled vehicles for a brighter future
Toyota has announced it is investing more into hydrogen-fuelled vehicles, alongside self-charging hybrids and battery electric vehicles, in order to better help decarbonise transport.
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Jaguar Land Rover’s new research heralds the next generation of cars
The technology aims to project driver safety information ahead of the driver with the intention of improving reaction times to road hazards. In addition, it could offer passengers 3D entertainment in a future where autonomous, ride-sharing cars are the norm.
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Your car is watching: Volvo to deploy tech to curb drink drivers
The company is introducing a driver monitoring and intervention technology capable of taking control of the car if it detects the driver is drunk or tired.
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Heard of Jackware? When connected cars meet ransomware
I define jackware as malicious software that seeks to take control of a device, the purpose of which is not data processing or digital communications.
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Volvo and Microsoft, making 1980s tech dreams a reality
Volvo and Microsoft have teamed up to roll out a new wearable voice control system, a la the 1980s TV cult classic Knight Rider.
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Bridges pushes NZ as 'most ready in the world' for electric cars
Transport and Energy Minister Simon Bridges has officials investigating ways to accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles, although is ruling out inc
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New Zealand
NZ new vehicle sales jump 8.1% to 31-year high in February
New Zealand new vehicle sales rose 8.1 percent in February to the highest level for 31 years.
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Camera tech captures Kiwi’s car imagination
A Kiwi car company has become the first New Zealand car distributor to introduce reversing cameras as standard across its entire range of cars and vans.
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Flying cars
We all remember those old TV shows like The Jetsons, which portrayed the future full of amazing inventions like teleportation and flying cars