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Sophos launches threat intelligence & analysis platform for developers

Developers can now more easily tap into cybersecurity insights from Sophos, thanks to a new initiative that offers Sophos' cloud-based threat intelligence and analysis platform available to those who are building applications.

The SophosLabs Intelix platform allows developers to make API calls and file submissions for static and dynamic analysis, as well as queries on file hashes, URLs, IP addresses, and Android applications (APKs).

Developers can proactively answer questions like, “Is this file safe? What happens if I open or execute it?” or “Is this link safe? What happens if I call this URL?

Sophos says the platform continuously updates and collates petabytes of real-time and historical intelligence, including: telemetry from Sophos endpoint, network and mobile security solutions; data from honeypots and spam traps; 30 years of threat research; predictive insights from machine and deep learning models; and in other areas.

Sophos CTO Joe Levy says Sophos is building a ‘global community' around its APIs in order to spark innovation amongst developers.

“By exposing a variety of intelligence from SophosLabs directly through RESTful APIs, we're making it simpler than ever before to quickly and easily integrate threat intelligence into new and existing applications and operations,” adds Levy.

“With SophosLabs Intelix, we're lowering the barrier to realise analysis for anyone developing an application or platform. The information breadth and depth are also valuable for IT admins, researchers, security analysts, or students in need of top-tier threat intelligence.

SophosLabs Intelix offers three key service features:

Real-time Lookups: Enables quick classification of artifacts with direct access to the latest SophosLabs intelligence by querying file hashes, URLs, IPs, or Android application thumbprints. Reputation scores identify known bad and known good files, as well as those in the grey area

  • Static File Analysis: Leverages multiple machine learning models, global reputation, deep file scanning, and more without needing to execute the file in real time
  • Dynamic File Analysis: Provides dynamic file analysis and classification capabilities through execution and instrumentation of submitted files in sandboxes, utilising the latest runtime detection techniques to reveal true behaviours of potential threats
  • SophosLabs Intelix is available through the AWS Marketplace and includes several free tier options, allowing developers to immediately access and start using the intelligence platform.

Pay-as-you-go options for more advanced research are also available through the AWS Marketplace and part of the Sophos Cloud Security Provider (CSP) program for channel partners.

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