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SolarWinds launches new SIEM offering

27 May 2019

IT management software provider SolarWinds has today announced the launch of SolarWinds Security Event Manager (SEM). 

The SIEM solution is designed to help IT and security professionals strengthen their security posture by providing increased visibility into cybersecurity activity.

SEM, which replaces SolarWinds Log & Event Manager, can be used to collect and normalise event logs generated across on-premises networks and systems into a central location, detect and protect against advanced cyber threats, respond to cyber incidents with unique user-defined actions, and help demonstrate regulatory and industry compliance.

The solution automates many SIEM activities to help IT and security professionals accelerate threat detection, response, and reporting—pulling from an integrated threat intelligence feed that identifies known bad actors in event log data.

“In today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape, IT and security professionals are faced with many challenges, including threats that keep pace with network growth and complexities, a continual security skills gap, and growing compliance pressures,” says SolarWinds security product strategy vice president Brandon Shopp.

“We’ve launched SolarWinds SEM to help mitigate these challenges, further delivering on our promise of making IT, and IT security, look easy.

“While security itself is complex, a SIEM tool does not have to be complicated to be effective. SEM aims to deliver comprehensive, centralised threat detection without the requirement of additional resources, while automating security processes for scale.”

Key new features include:

  • Events Console, the new HTML5 interface that provides real-time and historical viewing, searching, and filtering of log data for the intuitive identification of potentially malicious activity
  • Rules Console, to build and manage correlation rules in order to identify, alert on, and automatically respond to potential security weaknesses or cyberattacks
  • Node & Connector Management Console, to easily add new log sources and manage existing sources
  • File Integrity Monitoring Filter Exclusions, to help reduce noise associated with file integrity monitoring and improve threat detection accuracy
  • Amazon AWS Deployment, for easy cloud deployment, if desired

SolarWinds products allow organisations worldwide, regardless of type, size or IT infrastructure complexity, to monitor and manage the performance of their IT environments, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid models.

SolarWinds engages with all types of technology professionals—IT operations professionals, DevOps professionals, and managed service providers (MSPs)—to understand the challenges they face maintaining high-performing and highly available IT infrastructures.

The insights gained from engaging with them, in places like the THWACK online community, helps it build products that solve IT management challenges in ways that technology professionals want them solved.

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