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Sendbird unveils Advanced Moderation for enhanced safety in online communities
Thu, 7th Dec 2023

Sendbird, a communications API platform, has launched Advanced Moderation to further enforce safety within online communities. This new initiative is a hybrid system that merges the focus of advanced automated measures and the comprehensive insights from human moderators. It is operational in over 4,000 apps, reaching over 300 million users monthly.

The necessity for effective moderation services in online communities is ever more pressing. A survey by the Singapore Sunlight Alliance for Action recently found that almost half its respondents have encountered some form of online harm. This rise in online safety concerns gives credence to Sendbird’s decision to integrate a new, two-prong moderation system in their online communities.

The Advanced Moderation system fuses the precision of automated tools and the nuanced comprehension of human moderators. This innovative approach seeks to enhance digital safety, becoming a beacon in the industry. A core feature of the system, the Sendbird Rule Engine, takes on the role of an intelligent scanner in user interactions. It can identify and manage inappropriate content in online spaces, ranging from texts to multimedia.

This system further allows moderators to customise rules to suit a community’s unique standards and cultural values, resulting in a safe and fair environment across social platforms. When ambiguity arises in automated reviews, the Moderation Review Queue steps in for nuanced decisions, ensuring all content aligns with the community's standards.

Sendbird’s moderation suite also keeps records. The Sendbird Moderation Logs offer a transparent record of moderation activities which can be utilised for audits and continuous rule improvements. A live moderation dashboard also facilitates real-time moderation of traffic within chat groups and channels.

Emphasising the significance of online safety in global online communities, Sendbird CEO and Co-founder John S. Kim said: “Language and intent matter. Our commitment at Sendbird is to foster safer, more engaging online communities where interactions are secure and enriching. By blending automated efficiency with human insight, our Hybrid Moderation system offers an unparalleled solution to the dynamic challenges of moderating online communities.”

This new moderation suite aligns with the diverse cultural and linguistic landscape of Southeast Asia, where online communities continue to burgeon. A recent survey discovered that nearly three out of five Singaporeans have encountered or know someone who has faced cyberbullying or sexual harassment online. Sendbird's moderation suite provides a customised resolution to these issues regarding content moderation.

Underscoring the system’s efficiency, Pina Jang, Project Manager at Kakao Entertainment, noted: “Sendbird’s moderation rule engine has been a game-changer for us, providing the flexibility and efficiency to tailor moderation rules to our unique needs. We're thrilled to establish an even safer and more engaging space where our users can confidently connect and communicate.”

Following the system's successful implementation among several customers, Sendbird is offering an exclusive chance to trial their Advanced Moderation system, currently in a private beta phase.