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Pacific International boosts data protection with SearchInform solution
Mon, 26th Feb 2024

Pacific International, a service provider for the metallurgical industry in India, has recently enhanced its data protection strategy through the deployment of the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution by security software developer SearchInform.

The DLP solution was integrated into Pacific International's system back in August 2023 to increase protection against internal threats and data leaks. As a significant player in the sphere of industrial solutions and services to various sectors such as Iron and Steel, Power, Aluminium, Oil and Gas, and Petrochemical Industries, this company has a plethora of innovative, sensitive, and confidential data requiring vigorous safeguarding.

Blesson K Sam, the IT Manager at Pacific International Pvt Ltd, stated, "In today's circumstances, it's simply impossible to ensure the safety of corporate assets without the implementation of advanced data protection solutions." He continued, "DLP is the core component of the corporate data protection system. DLPs prevent sensitive data leaks, in our case, technical details, drawings, data on business processes, agreements, and some customer data."

Mr Blesson hailed the features of SearchInform's DLP as a next-generation system, notably its advanced capabilities, more than 250 pre-configured security policies, and analytical abilities that facilitate efficient monitoring. "These ensure protection against the widest range of internal threats, while simultaneously reducing the amount of false positives and not interrupting work processes," he said.

Even though no critical incidents such as personal detail exposure, confidential corporate data leakage, or corporate fraud were detected, some instances of attempts for unsafe data transmission that contradicted the security policies were identified and prevented successfully.

Further praising the vendor, Mr. Blesson noted, "Quite often you have to deal with problems on your own – technical experts are unavailable and you have to examine large unclear manuals." Contrary to this, Pacific International found that while collaborating with SearchInform, the interface was user-friendly and technical experts were always online and ready to assist. Moreover, even after full-scale implementation was completed, the vendor's experts maintained contact and continued imparting beneficial advice.

Sergey Ozhegov, CEO of SearchInform, and creator of the deployed software, stated, "We work hard to make sure that our solutions counter a maximum number of threats and help customers to benefit as much as possible. It's essential to understand that ensuring information security is an inevitable part of business development."

Ozhegov concluded by saying that the experience and testimonials of their clients validate the efficiency of their strategic focus on data security. This successful integration and the associated benefits highlight the effectiveness of implementing advanced data protection solutions in a modern business environment.