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Ordr unveils AI-fuelled asset intelligence product OrdrAI CAASM+
Mon, 25th Mar 2024

Ordr has unveiled its latest innovation, the OrdrAI CAASM+ (Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management) product. This new offering is designed to build upon the strengths of the OrdrAI Asset Intelligence Platform, aiming to revolutionise how organisations manage and secure their entire asset spectrum, from devices and users to software installed across cloud and SaaS environments.

The introduction of OrdrAI CAASM+ marks a significant expansion in Ordr's capabilities, enabling the company to offer comprehensive solutions that cover the full asset management and security journey. This journey includes visibility and risk-based vulnerability management, advanced threat detection, and segmentation, catering to the needs of some of the world's most challenging sectors, such as healthcare, financial services, and manufacturing.

OrdrAI CAASM+ is distinguished by its ability to provide a seamless option for organizations to manage their entire asset attack surface. This is achieved through unique features like the Ordr Discovery Engine, which offers unified asset discovery, AI/ML classification and analytics, and automated policy creation and workflows. These capabilities are designed to grant organizations frictionless management of their assets, significantly reducing the time needed to identify, report, respond to, and remediate security exposures and incidents.

According to Gartner, CAASM is essential for overcoming asset visibility and exposure challenges, primarily through API integrations with existing tools. It plays a crucial role in "continuous threat exposure management," identified as one of Gartner's "Top Strategic Technology Trends" for 2024. Ordr's approach to CAASM+, with its beyond API-only solution, combines API data collection with proprietary discovery methods and AI/ML classification, delivering unmatched accuracy, completeness, and insight into asset visibility and context.

Pandian Gnanaprakasam, co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Ordr, expressed the company's commitment to securing mission-critical devices. "We've spent years building an enterprise-scale asset intelligence platform, with an asset knowledge base and the unique functionality needed to secure mission-critical devices," Gnanaprakasam said. He highlighted the superior capabilities of OrdrAI CAASM+, stating, "We now offer all enterprises an easy-to-deploy CAASM+ product to secure their expanded attack surface — devices, users, installed, SaaS, and cloud workloads. Compared to other CAASM solutions, Ordr delivers 2x asset visibility, 3x asset context, and 4x scale. More importantly, teams also have an easy expansion path to OrdrAI Protect for advanced security use cases."

Ordr's solution offers a suite of features designed to provide complete and accurate asset visibility, risk-based vulnerability prioritization, natural language queries for simplifying security posture understanding, identification of security gaps, and automated remediation workflows. These functionalities underscore Ordr's commitment to improving security hygiene, expediting incident response, and facilitating Zero Trust segmentation initiatives across various sectors.

Ordr's progress and its launch of the OrdrAI CAASM+ product underscore the company's pivotal role in addressing the complex asset management and security challenges faced by enterprises today. With its cutting-edge technology and comprehensive approach, Ordr is set to redefine the standards of asset attack surface management, offering a robust solution for organisations striving to enhance their security posture in an increasingly digital world.