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Object First partners with Pedab for superior Veeam data protection
Wed, 27th Mar 2024

Object First has allied with Pedab to arm Veeam customers with enhanced data protection against cyber threats such as ransomware. Mark Haddleton, the EMEA Channel Sales Director at Object First, assures that they are dedicated to delivering "secure, simple, and powerful backup storage for Veeam users" in a joint effort with Pedab. This partnership merges Pedab's profound understanding of IT infrastructure and software solutions and Object First's novel technique for immutable backup storage for Veeam.

Notably, Object First is recognised for supplying Veeam with paramount storage via an out-of-the-box immutable backup storage appliance. This appliance forms a crucial defence barrier against calamities and ransomware, guaranteeing swift and comprehensive data recovery with minimal interruptions.

Pedab is set to launch Object First's brainchild, Ootbi (Out-of-the-Box Immutability), to the Northern European audience. Ootbi is designed to be operational in a mere 15 minutes and can support up to 80 VMs running locally. It leverages Veeam Instant Recovery on a 4-node configuration, striking a balance between strong performance and fortified security. Furthermore, limiting access to the root or the hardened Linux operating system solidifies data immutability and ensures that data stays inviolable.

One of Ootbi's distinguished features is its object-based immutability. Coupled with zero access to the rooted or hardened Linux operating system, it successfully seals the data, making it inaccessible, unalterable, and undeletable. It comes third-party tested and preconfigured right out of the box, assuaging the need for security expertise on the user's part. This facilitates businesses safeguarding their data by placing their trust in Ootbi while enduring escalating cyber threats.

Jesper Bartholdson, the CEO of the Pedab Group, deems the introduction of Ootbi by Object First a valuable addition to Pedab's bouquet of deliberately chosen providers. It reinforces Pedab's mission to dynamically upscale its full-service solution provision to associates. He says, "With Ootbi, we can now help Veeam partners provide peace of mind to their customers with immutable onsite backup storage."

Mark Haddleton, EMEA Channel Sales Director at Object First, commented, "We are excited to announce Pedab as our distributor in Northern Europe. With their extensive expertise in the IT industry, partnering with Pedab was an easy choice. Together, we are committed to delivering secure, simple, and powerful backup storage for Veeam users, helping businesses stay one step ahead of ransomware threats."

In addition to praising Pedab for its extensive expertise in the IT industry, Haddleton expressed his excitement over partnering with them. He emphasised their shared commitment to helping businesses stay one step ahead of ransomware threats. This always-evolving perspective ultimately helps to ensure that critical information remains secure and unchangeable, even in the face of evolving cyber threats.