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Nirovision unveils AI-driven Safety Agent Alarm to transform business security
Fri, 1st Dec 2023

Nirovision, the Australian innovator in AI-powered video analysis, has introduced its groundbreaking Safety Agent Alarm, which is aimed at revolutionising traditional business alarm systems. The company's ambitious product can actively monitor workplace security cameras, providing real-time analysis and alerts for safety and security issues.

With a focus on innovation, Nirovision is on a mission to transform workplace safety with the help of AI. The all-in-one software platform automates site access, enforces site-wide compliance, and detects safety issues, transforming how businesses manage safety and security.

Unlike the norm of business alarms limited to movement detection, Nirovision's Safety Agent Alarm can distinguish between non-events and actual safety concerns. It also incorporates custom prompts and extra information, such as specific safety rules, for example, the requirement of Hi-vis vests on the site.

Besides a myriad of other safety alerts, the Safety Agent Alarm can call attention to an individual lying on the ground, issues on the roof's edge, supposed injuries, physical fights, fence climbing incidents, and inadequately restrained vehicle loads. It can also alert in the scenario of someone appearing trapped, for instance, in a cool room.

Developed entirely in-house, Nirovision's cutting-edge AI model has already shown promising results in automating site access and reinforcing compliance. The Safety Agent Alarm is seen as the company's latest exciting addition that's primed to shake up workplace monitoring frameworks.

Nirovision's CEO, Jimmy Lee, anticipates that AI is about to revolutionise incident monitoring. He emphasised the current capability of multimodal large language models to effectively recognise and interpret visual information, providing detailed transcriptions of their observations. When combined with efficient object detection models, this enables workplaces to receive real-time, descriptive alerts for safety and security incidents that may not have been recognised before.

Jimmy Lee said, "We believe AI is poised to redefine incident monitoring so the future is exciting. Today, multimodal large language models are capable of recognising and discerning what it sees and transcribing it's observations in great detail."

"This, in concert with our efficient object detection models, allows workplaces to receive descriptive alerts for previously unseen safety and security events in real-time."

Acknowledging the distinct safety requirements of each workplace, CEO Jimmy Lee expressed that the integration of large vision models into camera monitoring was inevitable. He takes pride in Nirovision being a pioneering force in introducing this technology to the market.

Lee added, "It was only a matter of time before these large vision models infiltrated the camera monitoring sector; we are proud pioneers in bringing this to market."

Nirovision's continuous dedication to innovation and its pioneering approach towards leveraging AI in workplace safety is embodied in this latest release. The Safety Agent Alarm could potentially change the way incidents are monitored, delivering enhanced safety and bolstering compliance across various sectors.