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New security vendor focused on isolation with Fujitsu deal

27 May 2016

Menlo Security is an up-and-coming security vendor in Silicon Valley. Its laser focus is on web security. Don’t misunderstand this as the old fashioned URL filtering to prevent users on an enterprise network from visiting malicious sites.

What they do is way more impressive and more effective. It runs an isolation platform in the cloud, which for the enterprise user runs inside their browser. The user visits the website in their browser normally, but behind the scenes, they’re seeing a visual representation of the site which is running in a sandbox on Menlo’s cloud servers.

This means that malicious scripting or code executed by the site is executed in the cloud sandbox browser, not on the users computer. This sandbox with its malicious code is deleted at the end of the web session.

They call this their Menlo Security Isolation Platform (MSIP)and plans are underway to bring this advanced technology to email security threats.

The Fujitsu deal

MSIP is set to become a key component of Fujitsu's Global Management Security Service, using isolation as the central point of its cyber security protection.

Menlo Security has today announced that its MSIP programme will be used to enhance the risk reduction capabilities of Fujitsu's managed service offering, which will protect organisations from malware attacks by removing them from essential resources such as documents, email and the internet.

Fujitsu is also enhancing its Global Managed Security Services, which further provides cyber protection across the board, from detection through to countermeasures and security resilience. Menlo Security's technology will be integrated with the FUJITSU Digital Business Platform MetaArc, which will eliminate malware risk through gateway-type solutions.

Amir Ben-Efraim, CEO for Menlo Security, says “We are thrilled to be collaborating with Fujitsu on their Global Managed Security Service. Together we will address the most pressing security concerns of enterprises: eliminating malware and reducing security alerts.

This partnership allows us to help protect the enterprise from costly cyber attacks with an easily deployable solution via Fujitsu’s global managed cloud services.”

Akihiro Okada, corporate executive officer and head of Security Management Service Business Unit at Fujitsu, says “After evaluating several options, we selected Menlo Security because we believe their cutting-edge Isolation technology provides a unique architectural approach to eliminating malware from Web and email.

We were looking for a solution that does not require the deployment or maintenance of endpoint software. Only Menlo Security was able to deliver these capabilities while maintaining a seamless end user experience through their patented Adaptive Clientless Rendering technology.”

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