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Logpoint releases BCS offering for SAP SuccessFactors
Fri, 14th Apr 2023
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Logpoint’s Business-Critical Security (BCS) solution is now available for SAP SuccessFactors, giving users real-time security and compliance monitoring.

SAP SuccessFactors is a Human Capital Management (HCM) application, and BCS for SuccessFactors carries out log extraction, continuous monitoring and cross-correlation, in turn providing holistic threat visibility throughout the entire landscape in the Logpoint Converged SIEM platform or any other SIEM offering.

Ensuring employee information is kept confidential is critical for SAP SuccessFactors, as it stores a broad variety of personal data.

This includes basic details such as date of birth as well as potentially sensitive information like religion, salary, pension schemes, social security numbers and medical history.

Data privacy laws require SAP SuccessFactors to protect this information, a particular focus given that 79% of businesses have experienced identity-related breaches in the last two years, with 99% believing these could have been avoided.

“Being a Cloud-based product raises a series of security challenges; employees working remotely using unsafe devices and networks, the fact that there are no fixed perimeters in the Cloud, and lack of visibility into the enclosed system,” says Sükrü Ilker Birakoglu, Logpoint Senior Director.

“Today, collecting and investigating the relevant security logs is impossible because they are dispersed throughout many reports and events. Up until now, SuccessFactors has been a black box.”

Integrating with the Logpoint Converged SIEM platform or other SIEM offerings means that BCS for SuccessFactors gives users a simple overview with a single pane of glass, affording them the means to have complete threat visibility to make their security response stronger and more effectively identify critical vulnerabilities that could be at risk of being exploited.

In addition, the offering also automatically recognises data integrity and compliance issues, making it easier for users and their organisations to comply with GDPR, CCPA, and other data privacy standards.

“As organisations migrate to SAP cloud solutions like SuccessFactors, they need to be mindful that they themselves are responsible for their own customer data and data security, authentication and authorisations, and to review security logs,” says Birakoglu.

“We’re excited to offer the first and fully automated advanced SuccessFactors monitoring solution in the market, enabling our customers to be confident that compliance monitoring and data privacy is ensured.”

BCS for SuccessFactors reads and collects relevant SuccessFactors logs through a connector, SAP iRPA (Intelligent Robotic Process Automation), feeding these logs into SIEM to be analysed, cross-correlated and continuously monitored.

Because the solution tracks every authorisation and login, and every time-sensitive data is accessed, or privileges are misused, businesses can detect unauthorised sensitive data downloads, user role changes, role-based permissions, adjustments to proxy roles and assignments, and DDoS attempts.

BCS for SuccessFactors is easy to deploy and configure, meaning customers can start using it almost immediately.

Further, it works for all industries and integrates with any SIEM.