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05 Feb 16

​Techday, Asia Pacific’s leading source of technology news, currently operates a network of 12 websites. Today, we announce the arrival of our newest specialist site,

"Last year we launched six new sites in Singapore, Australia and New Zealand," says Techday publisher Sean Mitchell. "The launch of is the latest site in Techday's network of specialist tech news websites."

As businesses around the world become increasingly interconnected due to the infinite power of the internet, cyber-security becomes more of an issue.

Every week there are new headlines about hackers bringing corporate, enterprise and government organisations to their knees because of stolen funds, bad publicity or embarrassing revelations.

"Enterprise security is one of the most pressing issues for not just Australian CIO's and IT managers but also business leaders generally," says Mitchell. "Many are acutely aware of rising occurrences of data breaches, hacks and other infiltrations and our new site will fill this thirst for information."

The best protection for corporate, enterprise and government organisations is awareness. will publish relevant cyber-security news to the profitable niche audience of security decision makers within large establishments like CSOs, CIOs, IT managers, security experts and consultants.

This niche audience will be interested in the latest security threats, security products and how they can best protect their organisations.

"Our team of specialist journalists only write about technology and mainly enterprise technology within that," says Mitchell. "We've got the knowledge, contacts and experience to make this new site a huge success in a short amount of time."


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