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Guardz expands cybersecurity services to Australia & New Zealand
Wed, 7th Feb 2024

Guardz, a global cybersecurity provider focused on safeguarding and insuring small businesses, has recently launched its operations in Australia and New Zealand. This strategic move is aimed at enabling Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in these regions to secure and insure Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs) with a tailor-made cybersecurity platform. The deployment of this unique Guardz solution will be facilitated through a partnership with Manage Protect, a trusted Australia-based IT cloud solution firm.

SMBs represent 99% of businesses in Australia and are vital for the country's economic functioning. However, nearly a quarter of Australia's SMBs have faced cybersecurity incidents that often result in service disruption, reputational damage, and loss of revenue. In critical cases, it even leads to ceasing operations permanently. To counter these challenges, these firms not only seek comprehensive cybersecurity protection but also knowledgeable personnel for maintaining and proactively managing their cybersecurity. However, due to constrained resources, inadequate budget, and lack of awareness and training, SMBs usually rely on MSPs to enhance their cybersecurity hygiene and manage their IT.

Manage Protect, with its track record of delivering best-of-breed cloud technology to the Australian and New Zealand markets, offers in-depth local technical support. It empowers its MSP clients to protect their businesses effectively. The Guardz's cybersecurity solution for MSPs will now be accessible to more than 300 MSP customers under Manage Protect, providing them with a smooth experience of administering their clients' end-to-end cybersecurity. This service boasts automated detection and response capabilities.

"SMBs are pivotal in the cyber posture and operation of the country," asserted Dor Eisner, CEO and Co-Founder of Guardz. "Our partnership with Manage Protect, offering an effective way of securing SMBs through their trusted MSPs, underlines our shared commitment towards unified cyber protection for these millions of businesses."

Andrew Johnson, Managing Director and Founder of Manage Protect, echoed this sentiment. "We take pride in empowering local businesses with innovative technology solutions. After an extensive search for a product that could offer our customers comprehensive and accessible cybersecurity, we found an ideal fit in Guardz's holistic solution," he said. "We're thrilled to work with local MSPs and help them manage and protect their customers' businesses providing them the peace of mind they deserve, efficiently and cost-effectively."

The Guardz cybersecurity platform empowers MSPs to manage business cyber health, mitigation, and subscription plans from a singular, multi-tenant platform. It offers a simple and cost-effective solution providing automated threat detection and remediation across all significant attack vectors, such as business data, employee identities, cloud directories, web browsing, emails, and devices. The AI-powered solution constantly monitors a company's external and internal digital footprint, offering actionable alerts and real-time risk prevention.