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Gigamon & FireEye tackle security in hybrid cloud environments

07 Apr 2021

Gigamon and FireEye have released a new technical integration that brings together Gigamon’s elastic visibility and analytics facbric with FireEye Network Security.

According to the two companies, the partnership is an extension to a ‘long-standing’ relationship that aims to ‘simplify, secure, and optimise hybrid cloud environments’.

“The need for organisational agility has driven the rapid evolution of digital infrastructure. In order to optimise and secure these environments, IT teams have implemented additional applications and management tools at a hurried pace, creating a foundational gap in visibility across the underlying hybrid cloud network,” the two companies state.

"Gigamon Hawk establishes an important precedent for cloud visibility capabilities," explains FireEye’s senior vice president, engineering for network security, Ramesh Gupta.

"It is not enough to maintain legacy monitoring and security tools, especially as the hybrid workforce remains, and depends, on the cloud to continue business operations as normal. Gigamon Hawk will enable our customers to improve their security posture and gain unified insight into their hybrid cloud."

Gigamon Hawk, an elastic visibility and analytics fabric for data-in-motion across hybrid cloud, enables IT teams to gain visibility and thus control their hybrid cloud’s cost, performance, and security.

FireEye Network Security will work in tandem with Gigamon Hawk to close any visibility gaps and simplify cloud adoption through a view across hybrid infrastructure.

Gigamon chief product officer Michael Dickman says, "Gigamon has long been at the forefront of network visibility, now delivering a hybrid cloud platform that comes to life via trusted partners like FireEye.”

"With Gigamon Hawk customers gain the ability to deploy FireEye cloud network security solutions instantly, and automatically scale out traffic visibility using platform-native automation offerings. Hawk allows IT to create a cloud 'landing zone' that includes FireEye and other critical security controls, with the option to refactor for cloud-native security controls, compliance and policies.”

The Hawk platform, launched in March this year,  quickly attracted attention from Amazon Web Services (AWS). Hawk is integrated with AWS and other cloud platforms and tools, providing a unified view across hybrid infrastructure. 

"Helping our customers to derive value from their cloud investment and solutions is the most important aspect of our work at AWS. As organisations move workloads to the cloud, they want to ensure that they have clear visibility around potential vulnerabilities in their environment," notes AWS principal solutions architect Scott Ward. 

"Using AWS with Gigamon Hawk, for example by leveraging Amazon Athena to analyse application metadata collected by Hawk in S3 buckets, customers can gain the visibility they need across their hybrid - or pure cloud - infrastructure to be confident in its security, performance and scalability,"

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