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Five reasons why a career in cybersecurity is worth pursuing
Thu, 25th May 2023

Cyberattacks have become more frequent, sophisticated, and costly, leaving unprepared organisations scrambling to protect their sensitive data and systems. The forthcoming federal cyber security strategy is set to make Australia the most cyber-secure nation in the world by 2030; however, that will require thousands of additional technical as well as non-technical cybersecurity professionals to fill the workforce gap and meet the government’s proposed targets. 

The demand for cybersecurity professionals has increased exponentially, and the trend is expected to continue as the world becomes more digital. Not only is a career in cybersecurity financially rewarding, but it also provides an opportunity to make a positive impact on the world by protecting businesses and individuals from threat actors that, if left to their own devices, will wreak all sorts of havoc.

If you’re considering a career in cybersecurity, here are five compelling reasons to take the plunge: 

1. Demand continues to increase, creating a variety of employment options 

Currently, the demand for cybersecurity professionals in Australia exceeds the available supply of qualified individuals, resulting in a significant workforce shortage. This shortage is expected to continue in the coming years, providing cybersecurity professionals with a stable and secure career path.

2. Competitive salaries 

Due to the increasing demand for skilled cyber professionals in the industry, and the high stakes involved in protecting sensitive data and networks, cybersecurity salaries have risen considerably in recent years. If a company stores, shares, and uses customers’ personal data, there’s a good chance they’re looking for specialists to safeguard it. This is especially true as more businesses migrate to the cloud, where they need specialist consultants to manage, plan, and monitor cloud systems, making the cyber field particularly enticing for those looking to start a new role or make a career change. 

3. Continuous learning and growth opportunities 

As technology evolves at an unprecedented rate, cybersecurity professionals must stay up to date with the latest tools, techniques, and services to effectively protect against cyber threats. This means that those in the cybersecurity industry are constantly learning, whether it be through receiving on-the-job training, achieving certifications, or attending industry events and conferences. This not only keeps their skills sharp but it also offers a unique opportunity for both personal and professional growth. 

4. Rewarding and impactful work 

A career in cybersecurity offers increased job stability while also having a direct and meaningful impact on people’s lives. Cyber professionals play a critical role in securing networks, systems, and applications to help maintain the integrity and confidentiality of data, ensuring it is only accessed by authorised users. This work ultimately contributes to a safer and more secure digital world.

5. Strong diversity and inclusion 

Cybersecurity companies understand the value of diversity and how it can positively impact the industry, leading to better problem-solving and decision-making when it comes to cybersecurity risks. Additionally, a supportive work culture can help employees develop their skills and pursue their passions, leading to greater job satisfaction and career success. As the industry continues to grow, diversity and inclusion will likely remain a priority for companies seeking to attract and retain top talent in the field. 

As the cybersecurity industry continues to evolve and new threats emerge, it’s crucial for aspiring professionals to work with companies that have a strong culture of innovation, a commitment to staying ahead of the curve, and that value diversity and foster inclusive work environments. Organisations should provide ample opportunities for continuous learning and growth and offer a supportive culture that enables employees to develop their skills, pursue their passions, and collaborate with colleagues from diverse backgrounds if they want to attract and retain top cybersecurity talent.