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FirstWave offers new umbrella solutions for advanced persistent threats
Tue, 20th Sep 2016
FYI, this story is more than a year old

FirstWave is aiming to offer a broader range of cyber security services for its business, enterprise and government customers. The company is now incorporating Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) defence umbrella across a range of services.

The APT umbrella includes email, web and next-generation firewall technologies, all housed in its cloud content security gateway (CCSG) platform.

The company states that APTs are getting more sophisticated, more frequent and through more vectors such as phishing, drive-by downloads and malware - most of which is coming by stealth.

The APTs can also use a combination of known or unknown zero-day vulnerabilities across businesses, as well as socially-engineered threats through phishing, ransomware or even file distribution.

Cloud business apps are also becoming a problem, as in-built malware solutions still can't protect users against the latest APTs.

As a result, the company has seen a hole in the services that some cybersecurity providers offer, such as signature or reputation-based approaches to detect threats. The company says they are not effective and are sometimes impractical.

The company states that its FirstWave solution can cover integrated, comprehensive and cloud-based APT defence services across email, web, SaaS and the cloud.

In addition, the company has also augmented its CCSG platform to include file signature analysis, blocking, sandboxing and retrospective analysis technologies through a single portal.

The company has also boosted its Enterprise Specific Protection cloud-software to better cover APT Defence umbrella services.

“We have accredited and integrated multiple, best-of breed security technologies from industry leaders: Cisco (AMP Threat Grid) and Palo Alto Networks (WildFire) into its ESP - powered cloud content security gateway (CCSG) platforms, which can be adaptively deployed as private cloud gateways for large enterprise or government organisations or in Telco/SP cloud environments to enable new enterprise cloud security service offerings," says Roger Carvosso, FirstWave portfolio and marketing director.